Figma to Webflow: Intro to Figma (Part 2 of 7)

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In this lesson, we’re going to go through a process we use internally all the time: we’ll be using Figma collaboratively to design and iterate upon all the stuff that’s going to make our project go from no-fidelity, low-fidelity, and finally, mid-fidelity.

Share your progress #figmatowebflow on social media and here on this topic in the forum.

00:00 — Introduction
00:17 — Magic of Post Production
02:00 — Adding shapes and text into your Frame
02:38 — Moving and aligning content
03:36 — Scaling and sizing
03:58 — Duplicating for faster iterations
09:25 — Quickly duplicating sections
21:32 — Creating the mid-fidelity design
39:05 — Evolution of design iterations
40:36 — Share your progress

Course discussion

Lesson discussions

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where and how could I share my Figma process? could I link it here?

thanks in advance

in case this is my link on Figma


Hey @Davide_Martinelli welcome to the Webflow community forum :raised_hands:

You can post your figma link (like you did) or exported frames here in this topic for the lesson or on any social media platform with the #figmatowebflow hashtag.

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