Figma to Webflow: Installing Octane for Cinema 4D (bonus lesson)

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In this lesson, we run through the process of installing Octane Render.

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I’m excited to start this course but Octane does not offer a free trial for Octane Enterprise PR13, only PR11. I can’t complete the step from the bonus lesson on setting up C4D and Octane; the part about dragging the plugins because I don’t have c4doctane-R25 in the Octane folder.
I’d really like to complete this course but not sure if I’m ready to spend so much money on a subscription of C4D and Octane.

Hey @nomaddesigner

It is not necessary to buy Octane to complete the course. Here are two other options.

  1. Use the included Standard or Physical renderer in C4D — or any renderer of your choice — we only use Octane for lighting, texturing, and depth of field.
  2. Download the completed assets in the Webflow lesson which include all the exported assets.

Hope that helps