Webflow designer and published site is crashing on google chrome but works fine in safari

Does anyone know why my webflow project is suddenly crashing in google chrome? both the webflow account in designer mode for this specific project only and the published site crashes too and doesn’t load properly. But everything works fine in safari.

I attached the read only link here. can someone help :(( will really appreciate it


I would double check that there is not a pending update that is waiting to be applied. That can throw a wrench into the works. As always make sure your version of browser is current and that you are not running with extensions enabled. With chrome (any chromium based browser) you can create a profile just for Webflow use that has zero extensions enabled and has relaxed privacy settings. Might work for you.

Same issue here. It seems the latest Chrome update is having a hard time with webflow. I’m on 2021 mac pro M1 with 32gb of memory and the experience has gone from fast to sluggish :frowning:

@Mekki the original post on this thread is old. As for the current issue, you can follow the thread here: