Webflow lagging and crashing in Designer

Hi all.
I’m working on both websites and experiencing lagging and sometimes crashing with the Weblow designer.

At the beginning, I thought was my computer (Apple M1, 16 GB) so I did the usual thing of shutting down and restarting;
However it keeps slowing down, sometimes freezes completely and then crashes. Bear in mind I didn’t add anything from the latest update in terms of javascript code or 3rd party code, so I really don’t understand what it might be.

I’m wondering if it’s a maintenance/update thing webflow is doing in the background or it’s just me.
Does anyone have the same issue?


Check status.webflow.com for any service issues or interruptions. I believe one was added yesterday.

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Same problem, I’m unable to work for more than 5 minutes without hanging and having to refresh my browser, this started about 24 hours ago.
in the console i get various errors, here is my read-only link:
Webflow - Airworthy - maintenance

I noticed it, thought the problem will get resolved but the message was removed later, any idea what should we do?
check previous comment for link, thank you!

Same here. The Designer is frozen for minutes until it starts working again.

I am experiencing the same issue. It is so bad now that the Designer is completely unusable. I have only made formatting and content changes in the last week.

I don’t know if this is the cause, but I noticed that started happening after updating Chrome. Up to that update never had a single issue, now I cannot fork for more than 2 minutes without crashing the whole page.

Same the site still freezes for me as well after a few minutes of editing. Not sure if others are seeing these issues in the console as well?

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It’s in all browsers, not just Chrome. Tech support are already aware of this. I thought it was only in one of my sites but it is happening in all of them, but not to the same extent. I’ve disabled all browser extensions and Webflow plugins and that makes no difference. Very frustrating. It also affects the dashboard too. If you have two designers open with 2 different sites it seems to only affect one at a time.

@Biniam_Johannes I didn’t update Chrome until after this was already an issue. So I don’t think it’s related

Same here,

It started after seeing this :smiley:

:grinning: I don’t know why this seems to work, but if you design in Chrome in incognito mode it doesn’t crash. It also only uses 10% of Ram/Memory. I haven’t had an issue in about 30 minutes since doing this…

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Exactly, I’m using ms edge incognito, I can work for up to 30 minutes now before the problem start again.

Same exact console errors.

Same problem Here, 5 - 10 min of work and designer crash… Webflow Designer is consuming all my RAM memory

Same Problem here. Since Yesterday almost impossible to work with the webflow designer. Freezes constantly und my PC is kinda overheating.
Please Webflow do something!

edit: working in chrome inkognito mode seems to solve the problem for me.

Somehow is good to know isn’t just me.
I’m sure Webflow team is already working on it to fix the problem.

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Same here. :disappointed:

Designer is set to ‘Operational’ on status.weblow.com but it’s not the case at all…

Same issue with freezing since today.

Same issue, Chrome and Edge. Good to know it’s not just me!

It would be good if the Webflow team can acknowledge the issue and update their status page.


In case any Webflow devs see this, I left the designer idle for 15 minutes and came back to this: