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Designer operates slow and glitchy

I am working on a few different websites, and after about an hour of work, everything becomes slow, and glitchy. Drag & Dropping elements, text editing, copy - paste etc… all becomes slow and sometimes hangs the hole browser tab until it crashes :confused:
I close the tab or refresh it, open Webflow again and it resumes to normal behaviour for the next half an hour or so… until happens again.
I must add that these are not CMS projects. Simple webpages. Some have lots of elements and text. some have interactions, and some have JS custom code, but nothing too big…

Anyone else is experiencing this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @avivtech, thanks for the info and the report. As a first step, I would recommend to check that the browser is running the latest updates, and to see if there are any browser extensions loaded that might be conflicting with the Webflow browser code.

A good way to check if browser extensions are conflicting, is to open the browser in Incognito mode (in Chrome) or Private Window mode (in Safari) and reload the site in the designer.

It may be helpful to check to see if your local browser cache is disabled in the browser that is used with the designer.

This will help to force a re-download of latest page changes when those are made, as opposed to pulling from local browser cache.

​See here as an example step by step to disable browser cache in Chrome:

​And for Safari:

I would like to know more about your browser, could you help to share anonymous browser information from

When copying and pasting, are you pasting from a document editor like word, or from plain text or html? Sometimes there can be issues in the pasting of unicode characters.

Our team is working to improve performance and your info will help.

Thanks in advance

thanx for the fast replay!!

Updating my browser and disabling cache!
lets see what happens :slight_smile:

Well, I updated my browser, and removed all extensions, disabled local cache.

still hangs and crashes every 30 min. :confused:

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I’m having the exact same problem. I found that once my chrome browser reaches around 4GB it crashes. Then once I reload the page it goes down to around 800MB and then continues to grow every time I make a change until it eventually crashes again. Right before it happens my CPU reaches 100% load.

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yes. at this point I don’t have a project without custom coed :slight_smile:
Facebook / Twitter Pixel, Privacy cookies, some css parent/child interactions, and JS countdown timer.

I only recently started applying custom code, so I was wondering if this was the problem. But from what I can understand you’ve been doing it for a while with no problems until recently. Is that correct?

true dat :sunglasses:

I’ve been using Webflow for over 2 years now. Since last week Webflow has started to act very strange. It crashes very frequently (several times an hour). I’ve tried using 3 different computers on different networks, I’ve cleared my cache and I’ve gotten rid of my chrome extensions. I’ve even tried to run it in incognito mode and nothing helps.

After looking into it some more I realized that every time I change something in the designer it eats up memory. Once chrome reaches around 4GB my CPU goes to 100% and the site crashes. I have plenty of RAM, so I’m not sure why this is even an issue, but it’s happening every time. I don’t have any other tabs open.

What this means is that I constantly have to monitor my system resources and if my memory goes above 3GB for chrome I have to refresh the page to avoid this issue.

On top of that there are some other strange things happening. If I click on some styled elements, webflow will say that it’s a different color than it actually is. For instance, webflow will say a box is red, even though it’s actually grey.

If anyone has any idea why this is happening, I’ll be curious to hear.

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Je suis dans le même cas, en plus je découvre webflow donc autant dire que je galère ! Je désespère un peu cet apprentissage me semble interminable

I’ve been having pretty much the exact same problem. Started around two weeks ago and hasn’t been resolved.

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Hi @Sanderhoff, @Olivier_Gaudin & @akoysor

Is it possible you can replicate this behaviour and share in a videocast? It would be useful to see if it can be replicated elsewhere, sometime there are certain steps that cause these issues in my experience.

I personally haven’t had the issues you’re reporting but that’s not to say they don’t exist. Do you know if you have any Chrome extensions added that could be interfering with the Webflow code? If you could run in incognito mode and/or disable any extensions and see if you have the same issues, it may determine if there’s something else on your machine that’s the issue.

If you can’t share your project publicly, then it’s worth getting in touch with the team at to open a ticket. They can look at your project and see any possible issues from there.

I did have a similar issue in the past but it was a Chrome extension that was causing the issue, once it was uninstalled the problem was resolved.


Sure, but it seems to be occurring randomly, so it might be hard to catch. Although I suspect it is related to the first memory issue somehow.

Hello, I’m in the same situation.
How to crash ? Drag & drop inside the Navigator (watch memory use in the task manager)

I already contact webflow for this problem.
It’s a little better for the last 2 days, I just crash every 20/30 mn…

I’m having the same issue. It seems like one of the most recent updates introduced a significant memory leak, or a conflict that occurs when trying to make a change while the page is currently auto-saving (the ellipses … icon in the upper right corner). The significant slowdown increases as the crash draws near.

Second this one - has crashed numerous times throughout the day also with the chrome “Aw, snap something seems to have gone wrong” error

Just occurred again while copying and pasting lightbox links

+1. I have started experiencing the same thing over the past week or so. I’ve used webflow for a long time and this is the first time I’ve experienced the designer slow to respond and then eventually crash the tab. Like everyone else has mentioned, a reload of the tab brings everything back to normal.

as an fyi, i experienced this both with the latest version of chrome canary and regular chrome.

Hi @dapitts08 @billvdh @Vasken @Sanderhoff @_queffelec @magicmark @akoysor @Olivier_Gaudin @avivtech

Thanks again for your patience and helping us isolate this issue.

Our Performance Team was able to identify and create a fix for a memory issues that was likely the main issue here.

To ensure you have the latest build, can you please log out of Webflow, completely close your browser, then reopen 1 tab and log back in? From here you can open the project that has been slow or crashing and test the performance.

We tested on this end with an affected site and the update resolved the issue. ​Please let me know if this solves the problem on your end. :bowing_man:

I just tested it and I still managed to get it to crash like before. Chrome still ends up crashing as it reaches 3GB. However, (I’m not 100% sure) it does seem to require a little more “effort”.