Webflow lagging and crashing in Designer

Exactly, I’m using ms edge incognito, I can work for up to 30 minutes now before the problem start again.

Same exact console errors.

Same problem Here, 5 - 10 min of work and designer crash… Webflow Designer is consuming all my RAM memory

Same Problem here. Since Yesterday almost impossible to work with the webflow designer. Freezes constantly und my PC is kinda overheating.
Please Webflow do something!

edit: working in chrome inkognito mode seems to solve the problem for me.

Somehow is good to know isn’t just me.
I’m sure Webflow team is already working on it to fix the problem.

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Same here. :disappointed:

Designer is set to ‘Operational’ on status.weblow.com but it’s not the case at all…

Same issue with freezing since today.

Same issue, Chrome and Edge. Good to know it’s not just me!

It would be good if the Webflow team can acknowledge the issue and update their status page.


In case any Webflow devs see this, I left the designer idle for 15 minutes and came back to this:

Having the same issue on two accounts. Webflow is crashing or freezing all of a sudden from Friday. Even on basic projects I can’t work more than 5-10 minutes. Please help.

Thanks everyone for reporting this. The team is aware of the issue and is actively looking into it. You can follow our progress on our status page here:


I’m finding mozilla in incognito mode now performs better than Chrome. First time I’ve used Mozilla in about 7 years… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Webflow seems to be creating a huge amount of data in Application storage on the browser. Before clearing Application Storage (cookies, session storage etc) it was up to 750MB stored. After clearing it all, it was working fine. However, Application Storage is back up to 100MB after about 20m of usage. Main culprit seems to be in IndexedDB > Events. The amount of events keep climbing. Several thousand per page load.

It might be best to clear application data when it gets slow.

Same Problem.but why?

To everyone that has been experiencing this issue, can you try to logout of Webflow, close the window and reopen and log back into Webflow? Please let us know if the issue is still happening after you have done this.

It’s no longer causing an issue, thanks for the fix!

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Everything looks back to normal. Great Job!

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Is this still only a problem for me?
Since the new update with the UI in designer, my larger site projects crash all the time, colors experience lag, and numerous menu items disappear

so many troubles after update

Since the update to the new UI , I am experiencing lags, it’s like is a fraction of second delay to any trackpad click or press on keyboard, especially noticeable when working with texts and dragging things in the navigator. I can record a video, but I think a lot of people experience this.

And THANK YOU for the recent update with Pointer Events: None! I am using it all the time and it is soo much easier not to custom code it. Especially useful in custom checkboxes and sliders.