Webflow Designer stuck on Load

I was working in the webflow designer, troubleshooting minor problems when Webflow crashed and kicked me out of the designer. Now whenever I try to re-enter the designer the loading bar gets stuck on 3/4 then freezes.

I tried to restore previous backups from the settings, but keep getting a “Oops something went wrong” error.

I also attempted to duplicate the site but nothing has appeared in the dashboard.

I feel like I have run out of options that is in my power to fix this bug. any suggestions?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

[1]: Unfortunately, I can’t even provide a read only link because I’d need to access the designer to enable one. but again, I can’t access the designer because it keeps getting stuck on load. But here is my company website if that is of any help https://www.ghostproductions.com/

You’ll need to contact support for this. Please go to this page and scroll to the bottom to email them this issue: Sites - Designer | Webflow Support

We’ve been waiting for support to respond for 24 hours.

Same thing is happening for me, Please help.

I have also raised a support ticket. I would appreciate if someone could help out soon. I’m not even able to publish collection items and this is business critical.