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Designer constantly crashing and collections design gone!


While writing this I am very frustrated due to all the issues I am getting with Webflow recently.

In the last hour, the designer has crashed 8 times and each time I sent the report. Now when I refreshed, all the design on the collections I had on my homepage have disappeared. See the attached screenshot.

Webflow team, something needs to be sorted as it is becoming impossible for me to work here. In addition to the problems above, the designer sometimes does not load, gets stuck on the loading page. This can last for hours. I created a topic a few months back about that already and tried everything to sort it out but still continuing to happen.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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I’ve also been having issues w/ browser crashes recently (past few days). I’m using Chrome on Mac.

Yeah same using Chrome but also on Safari I have issues with the designer not loading. A right pain!

No one gave this tip. But in all operating systems sometimes the best solution to all problems is to restart your computer.

Yesterday my webflow editor (And photoshop) was very slow and webflow crash twice (Very strong laptop) - restart ==> Later i work more than 6 hours without any problem.

In any case, hope your problem will be resolved.

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nope I tried restarting and still the designer crashed. Also that does not solve the issue with the designer not loading.

And also the the design of my collections being deleted after the last crash! So many bugs at the moment!


check this problem I am having: Designer Issue: all styles are broken in the designer only

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hmm! Doesn’t seem like you got much help with your problem. This issue has cost me half a days work having to redesign everything again.

Not good Webflow!

Hi @Jake — thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear the issue cost you time. I can imagine that was very unexpected and frustrating. We received your crash reports and are definitely looking into these at high priority. I can’t say for sure when we’ll have a fix live for this though.

Can you please try the following and let me know if it helps?

Try to work in the Designer using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off. If you still see these crashes, can you post a screenshot of the console errors you see?

Thanks in advance!

@Josef It looks like we are still waiting to hear back from you on that other Forum topic. Thanks!

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