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Upgrading from Pro Plan to Team Plan


so my colleague has for now worked on projects with a personal pro plan. Today he bought the team plan and added me to the team. I understand, that the team plan is seperate from the personal account, so my question is:
If my colleague transfers all the projects from his personal pro plan to the team account, can he then unsubscribe to a personal free plan aswell?

Thanks in advance, i’ve used the searching function and i’m already pretty sure it works, just making sure because my colleague is scared all the projects will be lost :slight_smile:

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@moa Hello, I currently have the same set-up as you. I can reassure you that your projects will not be “lost”. You can transfer your websites from any of the team accounts (paid or free) to the “Team Organization Account”.

This means the answer to your question is Yes:

You can transfer your sites to the paid main team account and then downgrade to a free account on your associated account.


  • Now If you transfer your websites to the Team Organization Account and keep them off of any personal account you won’t be able to showcase them in the Webflow Discover section… (probably not a huge deal)

  • You’ll also need to re-publish all of your sites after you transfer them!

I hope this helped!

  • Scott
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Thanks for your answer Scott, we’ll transfer the projects then.

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@moa Glad I could help!

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