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Pro or Team plan... or both?

Even though I found a few posts on this topic already, it is still not quite clear to me.

At the moment I’m on a free Starter plan and looking into my upgrade options. For some future projects I will be collaborating with another member, who is currently on a Pro plan, but, besides that I would like to do my own projects as well.

What would be the most efficient approach for both of us?


Its hard to answer.

Site Scope
For each hosting site (Connect domain, more pages and so on) - you should buy site hosting ( Basic -or- CMS - or- Business).

Account Scope - free / lite / pro
Upgrade for additional features (code export, more projects). No most efficient approach her (Depend on the case).

Team scope
Get all features of pro. Work on projects together in a collaborative, shared dashboard. You wont pay twice (Pro + Team). Example: 4 memebers ==> 4 x $42 (billed monthly)

I will be collaborating with another member

  • yes/no? For team plan in this case. Again Depend (For huge/long project maybe yes. For one-pager maybe no).

From webflow side the only solution is to use team plan - but in practice two sometimes devs could use the same account (Share username & Password).

Both. You transfer a project from your personal account to a team account where team members can collaborate on a project.

Thanks Jeff,

If I understand correctly; in order to collaborate on projects we need a Team plan and all projects within the Team dash are accessible and editable to all members, right?

So, only if I also want to work on my own projects and I don’t want them to be accessible by the other team member I need an individual plan besides the Team plan, and pay for both??



As I understand it, yes. I will pull in @WebDev_Brandon since he is an old school team guy for confirmation.

Here is a similar topic answered;


Hi @webdev, to answer that second part of the question, YES, @PatSimons you would need to have your own personal paid account. Now if you are only doing one or two personal projects you can just get the Lite plan, but if you are planning to have multiple non-hosted projects for reference or what not then you would need the individual Pro plan for YOU.

Then have the Team Plan which is at min 2 PRO accounts for a TEAM plan to work.

Here’s your cost analysis:
Cost for you, $16 - $34 paid annually (Lite or Pro) ($24 - $42 paid monthly)

Team Cost, $35 per person paid annually, min 2 = $840 yr or $42 per person paid monthly, min 2 = $1,008.

Hope that helps your understanding better.

What do you think Jeff?

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Thats a great summation Brandon! Thanks for jumping into the thread. Clear for you @PatSimons?


Hi @webdev and @WebDev_Brandon

Thanks for your input, makes things much more understandable.
I’m new to Webflow so I’m trying to get my head around the plans structure…

So in theory, if both team members wouldn’t care about the other member having access to their personal projects, we could just get one Team plan, create projects and either work together or individually on projects within the Team dash?

Or would the following also be possible: Since I don’t have a plan yet and my team mate is on a Pro, Could I get the Team Plan and only invite my mate for specific projects to collaborate?

Thanks for your time!

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To answer: Yes to the 1st question.

The 2nd question is two fold. Yes you can add your mate for specific jobs, but you would still need to have paid for a TEAM PLAN for that to work. Basically, you can have a FREE or Lite plan yourself for your own profile account (which I have for myself). Second, you would have to pay for a separate TEAM Plan Account: which is at min 2 PRO Accounts, so that you and your mate could access the same/different projects at the same time. Otherwise you would have to work on a project, then duplicate it, send to your mate. Have him work on it, then send it back to you. Sometimes that can work, but when you do that, you will lose data in between.

Hope you understand what I am trying to say. Let me know if you need a better description!

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Cheers @WebDev_Brandon,
I’ve got myself a Pro the other day! Team plan will follow soon… :slight_smile:
Having that said, I ran into some unexpected limitations of Webflow, but that’s another discussion I think.

Thanks for your time once more!

@PatSimons, either create a new thread or you can msg me directly for clarification.

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We’re a small agency and would like to use the team plan. However are still very confused as to how the plan works. Can I please ask for clarification on these questions:

We pay for two webflow pro accounts. We just paid for team assuming this would bring our two accounts together including our monthly fees for our existing accounts.

Do we have to pay for team ON TOP of our two accounts?


Does the team plan merge our existing bill?

If it we have to pay for it on top. And we do not wish to pay twice as that’s a huge waste of money for us. How do we migrate websites to the team plan that have already been paid for annually? They currently cannot be migrated. What do we do here?

And if we can’t without cancelling their hosting do we have to pay for the individual plan on top of the team account until it’s possible to do so? Meaning we would use only the team plan and yet have to pay for another account purely because there’s no way to migrate it?

Is there support at Webflow that can do this for us?

We have paid for a month. If we have to pay double are we able to get a refund?

We’re really hoping that we can sort this out as we would like to use the platform but it just seems way too hard to make this happen. Logically 99% of people would assume when you upgrade to a team account that you won’t have to pay twice as you’re now part of a team. That’s what we’re assuming and hope that is the case.

@andymaccoll this is all handled by our support system,

Please file a request for support and someone from our team will be able to handle all of your questions.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon