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Hi all, I have a question regarding Team plans.

I’m currently on the legacy Personal plan. I’m working on a project for a client and need to transfer the site to their account.

One of the options is to upgrade to Team plan and onboard their designer to work on this specific site. But, here is my question - I have bunch of sites in my current dashboard that I made for other clients and would like to keep them private. I only need to share one site with this specific client.

Is this possible with Team plan?

Websites can be shared within the organization or private on your account. In your case, this would work out great.

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Yup like @ELiTE said you can create a team plan then transfer just that one site you’re working on to the team account dashboard.

Thanks @ELiTE and @brryant!

One more question - what is the advantage of having a team plan in contrast to having two separate accounts - one for me (Pro, so I can have the ability to transfer project) and the other one for the client (Lite, so they can use code export)?

I’d need to make this upgrade only to have site transferred to that client. Are there any

From that last reply it sounds like you aren’t worried about losing access to the site. You don’t need to upgrade your account to transfer the website to your client. In your Dashboard select your site and look at the icon directly to the right of the name. There are buttons: Transfer, Delete, Duplicate, Share, etc. Obviously in this case you will want to transfer the website.

The consensus is that if you want to retain control of the website, you will need to upgrade your account and give access to your client to further design the website and export it.

Or if that doesn’t matter, just transfer the website to them and they can further design and export it. Once the website is transferred, you will no longer have control or visibility of it unless you duplicate it beforehand, assuming you might want to retain it for future reference.

Hope this helped.


The problem is that I’m on the legacy Personal plan. This plan doesn’t have the option to transfer site. So if I’d want to transfer site I’d need to upgrade to Pro plan. And the client is currently on the Free plan, but they’ll also need to upgrade to have the ability to export code. So they’ll need to upgrade at least to the Lite plan.

And you got it right, I’m not worried about losing access to the site.
Project was finished successfully and I’m wiling to give them complete package.

It will be much cheaper for the both of you to have Lite plans. Awesome, I’m glad everything is settled.

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