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My company have decided to move from two Professional plans to one Team plan because we are now more than one person involved in the sites that we build and host on Webflow. Two questions:

We already have several sites hosted on Webflow on Professional plans that we would like to transfer to a Team plan. I’m not allowed to transfer the site because there is a payed hosting attached to the site. It’s not an option to go offline with the site since this is a customer site. Can the site be moved without going offline?

I “upgraded” my Professional plan to Team plan, but the Team plan now seems to be in addition to my Professional plan. Can the Professional plans be downgraded to Starter plan or deleted since all the work from now is going to be done in the Team plan? or does the Team plan have to be supported by a payed “personal” account?

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For 1. you should contact with a very detailed description of what you have and what you need.

For 2., to my understanding, it LOOKS LIKE you have a pro plan plus a team plan but in fact you’re only paying for the team plan. Once the team plan will be ended, you’ll stay with your pro plan.

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