Working in a team plan, what to do with current pro account?


I’m expanding by joining up with another webflow user. I’m a little bit confused with the process.

I have signed up for a team plan, now I have a pro and team plan subscription that are active. I am the account holder of the team plan. Can I transfer all the active sites to the team plan without having to reconfigure the hosting of the custom domains?

Do I still need a pro plan alongside the team plan? I don’t intend on hosting anymore sites on the pro plan. Can I downgrade the pro plan to a free plan and build sites in the team plan without limits. Is there any reason to have a seperate plan other than the team plan?

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I think this might be what your looking for:

About the second question i think once you move your sites to your organization i don’t see a point of having to keep the pro plan although im not to sure about this

Hopefully this helps :smile:


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