Webflow forcing me to transition to Workspaces even though I’m a Pro user?

Basically, title.

Since the beginning of the transition, Webflow announced that they will give the codes to existing Pro users, so they can keep their plan, e.g., saving money since “Growth” is way more expensive.

As an avid Webflow user, I did have Pro subscription and applied for the code, then activated it and paid for one year.

I’ll resubscribe to Pro at the end of September, however, today I’ve got this notification in my account ↓

I’m genuinely shocked, and don’t know how to act. Am I being forced to Workspaces even though I’m paying for Pro subscription? Was it a one-time thing? Webflow did say that we can keep Pro accounts with the code.

I hope anyone can help with this issue — NGL, if the transition happens, I’ll be devastated morally and really disappointed in Webflow, even though I’m one of the biggest Webflow fans (just check out my Telegram channel and Twitter profile, you’ll see how I praise Webflow anytime I can).

Please reach out to support via mail and they’ll enable a discount before you switch to the growth plan:


if the code has been applied to your account you can safely migrate. all accounts have to be migrated at some point and with the code you keep paying the pro price for the new growth workspace plan


Hey, thanks for the reply!

So, basically, I can switch to Workspaces plan and use “Growth” plan, but keep using previous pricing?

Did you do the same?

Hi Marcel,
Thanks for the reply!

Do I need to contact Webflow Support again even though I have a code applied already? I mean, I’ll contact them anyway, but maybe it’s not necessary.

Also, are you in the same situation? If so, are there any caveats?

@GeorgyDesign If you click the blue button “Switch to Growth Plan” a confirmation popup with details regarding the pricing and growth plan features shows up. The discount should be clearly visible there (~$35 instead of $49/month if I remember correctly)

If you don’t see any discount, reach out to support first.