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Tutorial: Migrating Hosting from Wix to Webflow

Hey Webflow Community,

I recently made a new site in Webflow and had my current site hosted & designed in Wix. Anyone who has tried to migrate their domain from Wix to Webflow knows this isn’t an easy process so I figured I would make a tutorial to help others that are going through the same thing.

First off this is a tutorial for people who are on a premium plan with Wix and are also hosting their domain through Wix as well.

Also, this is unfortunately not a fast process so before launching your new site keep in mind that the migration can take up to 5-7 days with Wix… I contacted them to see if there was any way of expediting the transfer but after going back and forth with support at Wix there doesn’t seem to be any way. So sit back and enjoy you weeklong transfer, or use to it find bugs or discrepancies within your site.

Step 1:
Before you do anything in Webflow, you’ll have to start with Wix.
1.Sign into your Wix account.
2. Go to the My Domains page.
Note : If you have more than one domain in your account, select the relevant domain.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Click Transfer away from Wix.
4. Click Send Code .
You’ll receive in email within a few hours with the code.

Step 2:
Choose your new registrar for your domain, I used Google Domains but you’re free to use whatever you’d like.

On the new registrars page you will see a Transfer your domain or something similar, here you will enter the code that was sent to you from Wix.

From here you can follow the existing tutorial on how to transfer your existing domain to your Webflow site.

And that is all, if you have any questions at all feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to try and help you out!


Thanks for sharing with the community @Noel_Fenez


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Wait, this about transferring the domain to a new registrar right?

Correct, for people that bought their domain originally through Wix.

OK I’m not transferring the domain away from WIX, just pointing it to my new Webflow site. I found an article on WIX on how to do that. Any problems I should be on the look out for?

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I haven’t tried keeping a domain at Wix but only thing I would watch out for would be the wait times. Unless they have improved since I did it last, changes with Wix DNS were on hold for (or could take as long as) 5-7 days.

If you find anything else, report back here to help someone else out in the future!

@Noel_Fenez I followed your process I have transferred my wix domain to google domain. I have received an email mentioning my domain was successfully transferred. When I try to add my DNS server setting from webflow to google domain, its not accepting it.

@Pournami What is the error it is giving you? It could be that your name servers are still set to Wix & not Google.

Thank you for replying Noel. I deleted all the DNS server connections on wix today. When I type in the @ address google domain says that it is already being used. I tried to reset it to the original setting based on the information I saved before, it says the same thing. I have attached a screenshot for your reference

How long did you wait after deleting before making the change? DNS & name server changes can take from 8-24 hours to propagate at times.

This normally wouldn’t give you an error, but it might be worth trying to wait a few hours before adding the new records.

Also, is it only the A Name record causing issues? or all of them?

I didn’t wait much before making the change. I had tried to enter the A Name record before deleting the DNS server settings in WIX but google domain showed the same error as before. The error is also for the CNAME record. When I enter the CNAME record it mentions not recognized. The weird thing is that in wix the domain is said to be linked and there are no issues. I have attached an image for your reference.

Do you still have the issue?

Hi Noel,

I’m going to switch from Wix to Webflow. I’m not hosting my domain through Wix.

I will rebuild the website in Webflow, but with the same amount of pages.

Any ideas on how I can do this? I want to keep the same domain and the same links for every page.



Hey Jan,

It will be relatively straight forward, when creating your pages in Webflow just make sure to add the same page names and URLs (click here for how to) as you have currently on your Wix site. Any pages that aren’t exact matches you can set up 301 redirects (in the site settings in Webflow) and they will automatically land on the page that it’s redirected to.

Would I need to make a new payment for the domain to Webflow if my current one with Wix is still active for the next two years?

You wont pay for the domain with Webflow but you will still need to pay for the Site plan in Webflow. You can leave your domain at Wix until the period is up and then decide where and if you want to move it.

Hii Noel,

So if I’m just changing the DSN records or the Wix site to Webflow, this will take days to change over??

If you leave your domain with Wix, the DNS changes (in theory) should take under 24 hours to propagate but I haven’t tried it myself.
The multiple day hold is when you are trying to move the domain away from Wix to another domain provider (such as Google Domains, Godaddy, etc.)

I am receiving this error message when I go to my website url. However, from webflow it says the domain is connected without error. I am using google domains and the dns record was also accepted without error. What am I doing incorrectly? Thank you.

@Bianca_Nagel - Google DNS shows there is no record for (should be a CNAME entry).