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Switching domain from squarespace to webflow

Hi all,

I’ve had a squarespace account for the last year but I’m using webflow now. I’m just about finishing up my site and want to be able to keep using the same domain. Is there a way for me to switch it over?


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Hi Jess, did you happen to purchase your domain through a domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc) or through Squarespace directly?

If you purchased through Squarespace, there is unfortunately an intermediate step you’ll need to take, but in the long term it’s much more beneficial for you. You will need to:

  1. Follow Squarespace’s instructions for unlocking your domain:
  2. Sign up with a domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy), and then choose their “Transfer Domain” option (this will consist of a number of steps, including paying for the domain, as well as entering some information that you get from Step #1)

Once your domain is transferred over, you can then follow the directions for linking it to your Webflow site, which you can find here:

Because Squarespace doesn’t allow transferring a domain less than 60 days after registration, it’s not possible for us to create a test domain and walk through all the steps and create a tutorial for you. But it would be AMAZING if you documented the steps you took and posted them here for future ex-Squarespacers to benefit from! :smiley:


Hi, I am having same problem here as well. What if I have the domain more than 60 days after registration with Squarespace? Do I still need register Godaddy’s service as the intermediate step?


If I do so, does it mean I am paying both Godaddy and Webflow for hosting???

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi :smile:
I followed the instruction here:

I couldn’t add both A records in Squarespace’s DNS advance setting. It says “Host cannot be duplicated for A rocords.” I have no idea what it means.

So I chose either one and added it into the DNS setting.

Now my domain is directing/connected to the site I built in webflow, which is great.

But one last concern, who is hosting my domain now? Webflow? or still Squarespace?

Is it safe I can cancel everything at Squarespace now, including the custom domain?

I am glad I am not the first user, and definitely not the last user experiencing this issue, as long as Webflow gets more and more well-known in the market.

I really hope Webflow Support Team could have better explained documentation regarding Webflow doesn’t use transfer key/authorization code for transferring domains in this scenario.


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Webflow never has control of your domain name. Where your domain name is, you need to continue paying renewal for the name. Squarespace may have it tied to your hosting, that is why you need to transfer it out to a proper domain name registrar like godaddy. Personally I am using Google Domains, but it may not be available in all countries.

Webflow is hosting the files that make up your website, and Squarespace has ownership of your domain name (which you pointed to Webflow). Cancelling Squarespace means you lose ownership of the domain name and anyone can purchase it to use for their own nefarious gains like hosting malware and advertisements.

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Thank you so so much for clearing my confusions. I’d transfer the custom domain to godaddy and point/direct to webflow.

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