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I am designing a new site in Webflow for a client that has an existing site using The Webflow site will be totally different than his current site.

I believe I understand what has to be done on my end to migrate his existing domain to Webflow hosting.

My question is does he have to do something on end before I can move the domain?
And what would those steps be?

Hope this made sense!

Thank you.

Is this a wix domain? Are they they registrar?

This might help.

This question will be best answered by WIX.

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The existing site is registered at and the DNS records are on the Wix Admin page. Can I just keep the existing domain at FastDomain and copy the DNS A and CNAME records from Wix into Webfow? Also the CNAME records all have “wix” in the record name. That gets me thinking I need to go to the FastDomain admin page for all the records.

Never done this before!

Thank you.


You have to have DNS hosting somewhere and a registered domain (at a registrar). DNS hosting is commonly provided by your registrar, but you are free to use other name servers to handle that part if you wish. provides for DNS service for domains where they are the registrar. Without you providing the current domain name, I can’t tell you who the registrar is nor what the current DNS records are.

If the domain registrar is, you would follow the instructions at
to manage your DNS records.

The settings you would use for webflow hosting would be added as new / updated DNS records. Documentation is in the site.

The only think you need to do with Wix, after you update your DNS records, and the site is running on webflow, is to terminate the hosting for that domain.

Thank you, Webdev. I used Whois and found the registar is I am waiting for the login details from my client for the admin page. From what I gather, I have to create two DNS A records on the bluehost admin page and post those to Webflow settings?

Happy to help. Yes. You can follow the steps below.