Moving from Wix to Webflow (godaddy domain)

Hi guys,
I’ve tried to look it up before posting but couldn’t see anyone with this exact (and hopefully simple) problem I have.
I did find some posts about Webflow and GoDaddy but they were all old and the Godaddy interface has changed so they’re not too helpful
(I’m not big on the web hosting lingo so pardon my ignorance)
I have a Wix website published on a domain I got from GoDaddy.
I just finished my new Webflow site for my business that is probably 100 times better but I just can’t find the way to just host/publish it on my domain name.
It seems like the thing you need to enter into the Godaddy DNS options are totally different than what you need in the hosting tutorial video (working with google domains).
I really thought it would just be a few copy-paste and I’m good to go and still hoping its the case.

Can anybody please help with what exactly I need to do to get rid of my Wix site and publish my Webflow site on my GoDaddy domain?

Thanks a lot!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Are you referencing a tutorial from here in the forum or trying the automatic connection method?

Webflow also has a manual walk through on connection a custom domain (outside of any specific registrar) that should be fairly broad in it’s steps and easy enough to follow along to, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

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I guess my DNS Settings were on WIX. Got it now. Thanks for the help. the site is up and running :v: :v:

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