Transfer domain from webflow to wix

I built a site for a client a couple of years ago, and have been hosting on webflow. They want to build a new site in Wix. So, I just need to transfer the domain to my client. They will use Wix’s hosting platform. But, my client wants to make sure the site isn’t down during the transfer process. I find a bunch of info on transferrring from wix to webflow. But, can’t seem to find anything on transferring from webflow to wix. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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If the Wix site is ready to go, just set up the primary domain and then update the DNS. During the propagation period the old site on WF will get traffic but as soon as the clients DNS is fresh the traffic will be on Wix. No downtime.

Jeff, thanks so much for the help! So, my client and I are admitted rookies when it comes to this stuff.

To recap, you are saying I should tell her to set up the primary domain in her wix hosting platform and have her update the DNS on her end? I am currently paying for and hosting their site through WF. But, she wants to make a clean break and handle the site she’s designing on her own.

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Thanks for responding. Sure appreciate the help.

I would rely on the Wix doc here Connecting or Transferring a Domain Purchased Elsewhere to Your Wix Account | Help Center |

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Thank you for helping, Jeff. I’ll check out that link you sent, and pass it on to my client. We will figure it out.