Small membership site with member-specific dashboard - best (and cheapest) solution?

Hi @jindrich.d,

I’m really curious to know how you eventually approached this use case, and would like to suggest this approach for others who may find it useful.

Dashboard With Numbers Automatically Updated from External Source

Before using Memberstack you can build this out by using a Zapier automation which sends data to a data Webflow CMS collection when a form is filled out.

The CMS collection can power a collections list which can be used to show all the data available.

Let’s assume the collection is a list of authors and the ID of each item is the authors name,

You can even create collection pages for each author and display only the data relevant to each author using the author’s name in a collection list’s filter.

Filter Dashboard Content By Member ID

With Memberstack integrated users can sign up and login, and afterwards each user will have a unique member ID.

To get member specific content from an external source showing on a member’s dashboard,

  • Load the external data into a Webflow data CMS collection with a member ID column,
  • Each member can have a unique member page generated from a Members CMS collection using the member ID as the page’s slug,
  • On each page, similar to how you can filter by author’s name, filter member specific content from the data CMS collection using the page’s member ID.

Unique Pages by Member ID

Follow these instructions to set up unique dashboard pages by member ID using the member ID as page slugs.

And I suggest checking out this related thread [TUTORIAL] How To Create Unique Member Dashboards using MemberStack

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