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[TUTORIAL] How To Create Unique Member Dashboards using MemberStack

Hi all :wave:

I just finished a 16 minute video screencast walking through a MemberStack integration so you can create unique dashboards in Webflow for every member.

Here’s what it walks through:

  1. Full control of your sites design in Webflow . Using the Webflow CMS to store your member accounts and unique content for each.

  2. Using MemberStack to provide members only access.

  3. With Zapier gluing the two together for a quick setup that I walk you through in this 16 minute video.


Happy to answer any questions!

If you prefer a downloadable guide (185 pages w/377 screenshots) to walk through this at your own pace you can find it here:


Thanks so much for sharing this Chris :tada:

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We have to use Zapier?

No, you can use other glue services, like Integromat.

I thought I have seen a solution for this using only memberstack and webflow CMS which is why I asked. I have no problem coding.

Currently, outside of ecommerce, Webflow has no way of natively submitting forms directly into their CMS. Using a third party is THE workaround, that said, no coding required :wink:

We decided to migrate the website to GCP to handle this instead.

Are there any plans to improve the security of user-specific content from Memberstack within Webflow? @DuncanHamra

Hey Brian, happy Thursday :wave: We have some plans to improve security around hiding basic content for lots of members. As for user-specific pages, I made a quick video that explains a few best practices to make those pages really secure right now.

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