Is is possible with Webflow : Two sided Client Dashboard?

So I’m starting this new project where I’m required to build a client dashboard site.

Essentially agencies can have a dedicated projects section for their clients and manage multiple clients.

The tricky part here (I think) is creating a system that allows agencies to share their dashboards with a certain client.

Here’s a short video breakdown (goes a bit more in-depth): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Yes there are a few ways to build this in Webflow.
I’ll assume here that ideally, you want a Webflow-hosted site, with minimal dependence on 3rd party services - particularly paid 3rd party services. However note, some services are clearly worth it.

The way we build these currently is typically-

  • Webflow CMS plan
  • Webflow memberships, if you want low-cost, or Memberstack, if you want more pre-built examples of dashboard-like UI’s to work with. Memberstack also has the advantage of support for Google OAuth, which I understand isn’t yet on the Memberships roadmap.
  • Sygnal’s Current User Info lib
  • Automation - usually, Zapier or n8n, with the goal to migrate to Logic as soon as it’s capable
  • AirTable ( depending on specific goals )

Regarding the client-specific data- your data storage for that can be in the CMS, but at present that’s not actually “easier” than storing it externally somewhere like AirTable or Google Sheets / Google Docs.

With these you can construct a client-specific console where each client sees their own information only, and your agency can have interfaces that consolidate that for them in some form of tiled layout.

Content admin could be through some UI’s you build for the agency, or it could be directly in the CMS, or directly in AirTable or Google Sheets/Docs. All depends on how the agency likes to work and to control data access.

One key thing to decide on is the level of security you need on the client pages & on their linked content. If it’s moderate-low, you can use the CMS, Memberships + Access Groups to build those UI’s. If it’s much higher security, you’ll need to take that data outside of the Webflow CMS because Memberships cannot gate access at the individual user level, or the CMS-item-level yet.

I want to note that you can make a really good looking and quite functional interface this way, however there’s a lot of building to do. I build custom systems systems like this regularly, but there is a lot of code involved.

If you don’t love the coding part, lean heavily towards Memberstack, because it offloads some of that into their framework and solution examples. Probably worth the monthly fee in that case.

Also, check out Wized ( closed beta ) as a possible solution for more complex UX logic.

PM if you’re looking for more guidance on this, we could do a few sessions on the ideal design approach for your situation.

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Hi @vascoabm :wave: welcome to the forum.

It’s totally doable.

Search around for “two sided marketplaces” and you’ll find a bunch of answers to your question.

A popular choice with Webflow is to use Memberstack. They’re super flexible and there are concrete examples of people using with Webflow for exactly this.

Here’s a good resource to get you started:

If that looks appealing, here are some screencasts running through the basics of Webflow + Memberstack, they’ll give you a good idea of what’s possible:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much Chris.

I made some progress with your suggestions but now am stuck.

Here’s what I have and the current struggle (~2min): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I used Memberspace since it’s a free alternative to Memberstack.

Thank you once again for the help.

Can’t help with Memberspace, unfortunately.

Here’s a step-by-step screencast solving your problem in Memberstack. Maybe that’ll give you some hints: