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Is it possible on Webflow? User login + user dashboard + booking

Hi guys.
I got a new project and I’m planning to develop it with webflow + integrations like Zapier, MemberStack etc…
The project is a website that provides booking for a clinic integrated with Zapier to google calendar , customer dashboard where he would get to see his purchase history and options to book future therapies, admin view where he gets to see the calendar, the client files and create a new user.
Is it possible to achieve that with webflow? Is it possible that a user will update the cms?
Do you have tips?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Gabriel_Mazor :wave:

I use this stack (Webflow + Zapier + MemberStack + Airtable) with good success for web applications that update the Webflow cms. Let me see if I can address your question directly…

Customer dashboard

Yep, no problem.

See his purchase history

It sounds like someone would log into their account (MemberStack works great for this) and then have the option to make one-off purchases (future therapy sessions). Correct? If so… MemberStack is really powerful and memberships, not one-off purchases. Use MemberStack for the memberships (login, authentication, user accounts, etc…) and then use something like Gumroad, etc… for one-off purchases within their account. That should work well.

Where he would get to see his purchase history

Which ever one-off service you used would need a Zapier integration so that you could update your Webflow cms from every one-off purchase through it.

Admin view where he gets to see the calendar, the client files, and create a new user

The calendar and client files could be done in the users dashboard. Creating new users with MemberStack is doable as well, but a tad bit tricky. You’d have to setup a separate MemberStack membership that is only viewable within a specific dashboard. Something like admin/dashboard versus user/dashboard.

Is it possible that a user will update the cms?

Absolutely. I do this regularly.

If I can be so bold, I have some screencasts that walk through many pieces of this puzzle step-by-step. Here are a few for you to check out:

…along with several others on my site.


@Gabriel_Mazor, I’m working on a project too that sounds similar - my client is a co-working space, so they want users to be able to create accounts and sign up for membership (Memberstack), then they can book a slot (Zapier + Airtable) and the client can also see a calendar view of all the bookings and members (Airtable).

I’ve got most of the functions to work, although I have about 400 lines of code because a lot of it is custom API work to update the member’s credits whenever they book etc. as well as showing how many slots are available per hour whenever the user wants to book (this way the co-working space can’t be overbooked on any given hour).

Features I’ve done so far:

  • User sign up, memberships, authentication (Memberstack)
  • User can select date + multiple hours to book
  • Booking hours will be updated with number of available slots or blocked out if full
  • User assigned credits depending on membership type - also deducted or refunded if booking or canceling
  • Members created in airtable when they sign up on the website
  • When a user books some slots, the booking gets added to Airtable (which can be viewed in calendar mode so client can easily see their day-to-day bookings!)
  • prevent users from booking if they ran out of credits for their month

I know some of these features probably don’t apply to your project but if they do let me know and I can share some workflow/steps or code if you need API help.


@andrewrubio @ChrisDrit
Thank you guys. You helped me a lot :slight_smile:

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Hey Chris,

Do you have any concerns around security?

I’m trying to choose a direction here (whether I use a similar setup or completely separate tool), but have an understanding that the data is not truly secure, if you store data in the CMS. My thoughts are to use Membership fields if possible, but curious to hear your take.

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This is brilliant, definitely going to give these videos a watch. Thank you!

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@mattk83 yeah, I also have concerns about this. Could someone shed some light on this?

Great post by the way!!

Hey @mattk83 sorry I missed this for some reason :scream:

I’m not really following your question. Are you asking if the Webflow CMS is secure or if 3rd party membership tools are secure?

Specifically 3rd party membership tools that are displaying secure data. I’ve been reluctant for that reason.

Don’t ever display “secure data” with 3rd party membership tools. Period.

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My best bet for secure data, in my instance personal health information, is to go with a CMS service like Caspio. I embed forms, lists, charts, etc into Webflow pages. Otherwise, I love memberstack and zapier for non-secure data.

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This :point_up_2:is spot on. If you have a membership site that gates a video course behind a paywall…MemberStack is absolutely perfect for this. If you want to store PII or HIPAA compliant data, do use this (or Webflow).

Hi Chris, are you saying Webflow and Memberstack and Zapier for PII or HIPAA compliant data?

@ChrisDrit @Darren_Sims I believe he meant to say *do not use this or webflow

Also @ChrisDrit what do you mean by “secure data”? Like a member’s personal info (name, phone, email, etc.) things of that sort?

I would not add any Personally Identifiable Information.

Hey, @andrewrubio I am currently building a similar credit-based booking system for Teletherapy. You can check out the project here: - If you would be open to chatting about potential collaboration to help get our product over the line. Drop me a message here or you can grab my email: