Site Transfer Issues - Angry Clients!

On two separate occasions I’ve had issues transferring projects between accounts. First there was an issue that I was using a Legacy account and attempting to transfer to a “Workspace” I belong to. I wasn’t able to move the project from my personal account to the Workspace because my personal account was legacy.

Now, I have another issue where I am working on a new Workspace and trying to send a project to a client and receiving an error. “Invalid argument provided: Site transfer failed, the receiving email doesn’t have a Workspace.”

Seems like there are issues due to the migration to Workspaces.

Any updates on when these will be resolved? I can’t keep my clients waiting.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Experiencing the same issue; “Invalid argument provided: Site transfer failed, the receiving email doesn’t have a Workspace.”
Hope this gets fixed soon

I have the same issue. Been happening for months for me. Might end up having to copy/paste everything over into another browser logged into the other webflow account.

Ho don’t do this, contact support, they’ll manage.

Got this from Webflow Support:

Looks like we just have to wait for all accounts to be switched over to workspaces. Copy & pasting is the only option i guess.

Why Webflow does not have a function in the designer to alert people to this issue is beyond me. Seems like that would save lots of wasted time.


Wow… “not be possible” to transfer a site? That’s a serious problem. i do have to transfer a site from a workspace account to a classic one in a week or so, I’m worried.

You should answer and ask again because “not possible” is a bit scary :slight_smile:

Also having a problem with this currently… Not good enough!

I have got same issue a few days ago to not to be able transfer example project to my Pro account (no Workspace yet) from clients account that has Workspace (new account) with identical response from Support (generated msg template). I have nothing else to say than …

PS: To be fair, I have been offered by support to use free Workspace account (presume Beta) for 3 months but I have declined it as my trust to Webflow services is at this moment on very low level. That make me suggest that transition all to Workspaces will take longer than a “few” weeks. We will see.

Webflow shouldn’t have brought out workspaces in the first place if it wasn’t completely ready and all accounts could transfer sites to each other…

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got the very same issue.
I had a project transferred from my account (lite plan) to my client’s account.
Wanted to finalize & pay for a site plan in the client’s account, and got kicked out by Webflow - not just me, the client itself also. No can’t reach/launch their site.
No bueno .

Starting to get super frustrated with Webflow.

Ran into this same issue you brought up: Started a website for a client on their own account but they decided they didn’t want to pay for hosting until it was completed - which you need to do because their is a 2 page limit otherwise - but now I cant transfer the the 2 pages/site I started for them to my account since I’m still on legacy lite plan.

Still need to transfer all client websites to their own accounts to avoid increased costs or use Bonsai and suck it up.

The whole transferring of sites, workspaces, client billing changes have made it harder for us as developers and caused so much irritation with clients - which are now asking me to move them over to WIX (which I wont do).

And the warning about not being able to transfer the site back if transferred into a workspace - wtf? I get Webflow not wanting users to avoid paying their workspace fees by shuffling sites back and forth but for the love of god how many ways can you tie our hands!

I just don’t understand what is going on with these decisions lately…

I also have the same issue. Any indication from Webflow on how long the migration will take to filter through to all users?

I have the same problem here :sweat:

Just adding more info to the ongoing frustration…

Needed to transfer a client site to their own account today. I tried to make one for them as a convenience but keep getting an error message "invalid sign up attempt. Cleared browser cache - didn’t work. Tried an incognito window - same problem. Tried a different browser - same. So is Webflow restricting sign ups by ip or is this just a temp bug???

Next issue: client had already paid for a year cms plan. But, in order to get the coupon for them to use when they re-add their billing info from their own account you need to get it from customer support - which is email only. Since you have to cancel the plan first this means the clients site will be down until customer support responds. Seriously…? or the client has to just start the plan again hoping they will get retroactive credit? since there are “no refunds”.

The whole process has not been thought through - or has been over thought with the too many security steps and has made my clients question me because of Webflow’s flawed process.

If someone cancels a subscription give them the option of immediately receiving a coupon code for credit (easy to automate) or check a box to refund. Period.

For the love of all that is holy do not restrict making more accounts. I mean the free accounts are already limited to 2 pages. What the heck is someone going to do with a bunch of limited free accounts?!

Incredibly frustrated. Webflow’s decisions are now impacting what clients think of me as a service provider. Really sad that such a great design tool is turning into a nightmare.

@ArctypeCD - Todd, I agree that is very frustrating and you make some darn good points.

I just moved a bunch if clients off client billing and wasted a day doing it, not to mention the inability to control anniversary dates making it a billing pain in the butt for clients that had multiple projects. A bunch of others I moved off of Webflow for performance and management reasons. Happy to be done with this chapter. Left a really bad taste in my mouth.

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Here’s a workaround I used:
Ask the person to showcase it as a cloneable and send you the link. Once you clone it ask them to remove it.

This whole workspace transition has been a pain in the behind, I hope they can transition legacy accounts soon.


@ArctypeCD Hope this can help you in the meantime ^

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Same problem here, hopefully they will fix it soon.

Ask the person to showcase it as a cloneable

I was going to do this but then realized there is a small chance that all my paid work for the clients would be available to the public, validating our contract. hah