Transferring site isn't working - seriously annoyed

I’m a freelance designer and I have a few clients on my Webflow account using the client billing feature.

Since the client billing feature is being deprecated, and having read the University article and looked at Bonsai it’s makes more sense for me to just transfer the websites over to the client.

I tried that this morning with one client, reassuring him that it would be an immediate transfer (as per the university article) and that the site would only be down for a moment.

I did the transfer, double checked the clients email for their new account… and nothing. No notifications on his end, no email either.

I’ve sent a support email but not heard back yet and have had to reactivate the account at my own cost as the client couldn’t afford to have the site down for long.

Really annoyed. Especially when Webflow is deprecating such an important feature. To not even have live chat available at a high priority time is crazy to me.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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CC @webdev as you seem to be most active on these transfer topics at the moment

Are both accounts on Workspace plans or is one or both not?

@JoeDigital - Tried throwing you a line. Check my previous post please.