Moving a site from a workspace to team account

I know WebFlow says it’s not possible to move a site from a workspace back to the old system, but are there any ways that might simplify this process rather than me remaking the entire site? It’s insane that this is happening and can’t easily be resolved by WebFlow. I know there was a minor error message but I assumed we could copy paste between them as we can on other projects.

Why would you want to?

Everything is migrating to workspaces, and accounts that aren’t already there will be auto-migrated in coming months. It seems much better to bite the bullet and migrate whatever workspace has your old site on it. Then you’ll be able to just pull the site into your new workspace.

We have requested the account to be migrated but it’s been waiting months and the client wants it in their account. The only solution I see is to rebuid?

I’m not even sure what that means… for me I just clicked to convert my account to workspaces. It was easy once I’d transitioned all of my clients off of client billing. Hope you find your answer, but it sounds like the support team is the only way to figure out what you need.