Why can't I transfer a site to a client anymore?

I see that they changed the transfer option from Email to Site but the latter also doesn’t allow transferring to another site outside of my account – to my client? I spent a good hour but seems there’s no other option to transfer.

Nothing’s changed, you can still transfer your site.

However you have a hosting plan on it, which you either need cancel, or to transfer to another site in your workspace ( that plan is attached to your credit card ). Webflow can’t transfer hosting plans across workspaces, just the sites themselves.

If you’re trying to minimize downtime, best approach is-

  • Clone the site
  • Transfer the clone
  • Setup a new site plan on the clone
  • Remove the domain from the site in your workspace
  • Add it to cloned site in your client’s workspace
  • New site is now live
  • Cancel the hosting on the “old” site in your workspace, or move it to another site

Thanks, makes sense, to just clone the site and then transfer that.