Migrating Webflow Team Accounts to Workspaces

Hi there,

Has anyone been migrated from Teams to Workspaces? We’ve got a Teams account with 85 projects in it and we still haven’t been moved to Workspaces. I queried it with Webflow as I have projects that need to be moved from Workspaces to our account, but we can’t because you can’t move stuff from Workspaces to Teams. We were told we’d be moved before the end of May and nothing. Since then I’ve been told to open a Workspace account and move those projects there, so basically pay for two setups.

Webflow just seems to be dragging their feet on something that wasn’t ready for launch.


Unfortunately I don’t have any advice for you. My team is in the same boat. We have a Team account with 62 sites in the team. We received the prompt to switch to Workspaces once we deleted our client billing account, but when I clicked the button to switch there was an error. I’m also confused how we will be able to move all of our Teams projects into Workspaces without taking the site offline.

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@Andrea_Gibbens I hadn’t even thought of taking the sites offline :face_with_head_bandage:. I turned off Client Billing but nothing’s happened yet. I’,m also worried about the fact that comments will be gone on the Showcases. Not for anything I’d like to show off, but for instructions on some clonable projects we have.

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Me too, removed all Client Billing and still waiting…

Webflow support said I may have to wait until late Sept, which is the last round of their transition process.

The last email I got from them when I asked about it said I was in the group migrating before the end of May / beginning of June.

Our team is migrating customers in groups to minimize potential issues. Based on your current account, you are scheduled for migration around late May/early June this year.

End of August and still nothing…

I also cancelled all client billing and wait…

Our account has just transited to Workspaces :raised_hands:

BUT, it is not as flexible as I expected…

My expectation:
To create a workspace for each client, and each of them can manage their own billing, and access to their sites with Designer. And most importantly, my team can help work on it and provide support easily at the same time.

Actual scenario:
I cannot add any member (ie. clients) to a new Workspace unless I add my credit card and pay for a month first and invite them to change to their credit card (usually by their financial department). This process is odd and easily questioned by the client’s finance.

And another problem is… if I would like to let my team members be able to access a client’s Workspace, that will spend another seat(s) and that will charge the client’s credit card. And so, the client probably has to pay for Webflow’s site plan + at least 2 Core plan seats.

Possible workaround:
To change my owner user account to a shared account within my team, and pay and add myself as another Growth plan member of my company’s Workspace.
Not speaking about $, it is not a good practice in terms of security though.

Any good ideas?


There are so many limitations…

Here is the case: My agency is in Growth workspace now. So, firstly, I moved a real business website (a project of my company on business hosting) to a new starter workspace. I think it will stay as Starter workspace plan.

Now, I would like to try and experience more by preparing another one for a client, which will probably change to Core plan later, and find that there is a ONE Starter Workspace per user limitation! :exploding_head:

Why Webflow cannot make everything just a bit more generous?
I don’t see that’s harmful to profit.

No wonder why Sara teases Grimur :nerd_face:

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Yeah, client billing is a vital part of maintaining websites inside of Webflow. I knew that the workspace feature wouldn’t be the amazing solution that it was/is advertised as because anything other than what they have now is just convoluted smh. My advice change it back!

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