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Products are not clickable

I must be missing something. This is my first try with Webflow from Wordpress
I have setup e-commerce categories and a few products to test out but the products are not clickable to get to the product page


which ones of your images are not clickable? I can’t recreate the problem…

Thanks for looking

I’m sorry but I don’t get it, i finally found the images you indicated (next time post a link directly to them on your “read only” site - makes it easier) and you have not added any link or interaction to them, so what behavior were you expecting? and what clickable behavior are you seeking to achieve?

Sorry about the link.
So, the products on my category page do not have links.
I think I figured out what I need to do. I added a link block to the product list

I am trying to import from Shopify. I edited my .csv but I get this error

(Attachment sakcon-jewelers-american-sportsman-jewe - Products import logs (2).txt is missing)

(Attachment SAkcon Product import.csv is missing)

Trying to import my products into Webflow from Shopify
I get this message on each item

skipped because one or more fields didn’t validate: Sku-properties.

what type of data are you trying to import? is it just text or also images? I mean in the CSV?

I am only importing text

what software are you using to create the CSV? Whenever I had to do the imports of data I edited them in Google Sheets and then exported as CSV - it worked then - try to do it via that route…

Excel, I’ll try google

so, any better luck with google?

Still the same error message. Webflow’s e-commerce is getting pretty frustrating with it’s limitations

Hi folks take a look at this papers i have done. It might help you

do you mind sending me the CSV - I wan’t to try and replicate the problem…

Here you go.


(Attachment SAkcon Product import Google.csv is missing)

it didn’t get through… I think you need to email me… I will PM you my email