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E-Commerce CSV Import/Export Error

I have a bunch of products populated into my site already. I exported from Webflow as a csv to make changes prices more easily. When I tried to import I got the error:

There’s something wrong with your header row. Make sure yours matches the header row in our template and try again.

I hadn’t changed anything to the structure from the CSV exported by Webflow so I found that odd. To test if it was something I did I tried exporting the CSV directly from Webflow again and then immediately re-uploading the csv without opening and I still get the error. Am I missing something obvious here?

What tool did you use to edit the file? Sometimes the structure is modified by products like MS Excel.

I tried Google sheets first and then excel. And then the last time I didn’t edit it at all. Just tried to the straight CSV export from Webflow.

I tested a round trip export and import with no issues. Try doing it in incognito mode (no browser extensions loaded).

Still not working. Any other ideas?

Take a look at this it might help you

got the same issue today,did you find the way???