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Ecommerce Categories Links not Available


I am creating a custom navigational dropdown menu that will link to various e-commerce categories pages. A collection List was used to provide the page names. Within the collection list, link blocks were used to link the page names to the category pages. Although the category names appeared fine, the correlating categories pages will not link up. In the Elements menu under “Link Block Settings”, there is an option to “Get URL from Categories”. Under this option there is a message “No fields to connect to…” Why is this happening? Do I need to have a paid E-commerce account established in order for this feature to function? Right now I have CMS Hosting plan, but decided to work with the e-commerce instead.

Attached is a screenshot of the “No fields to Connect to” message.57%20AM

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Thank you,

I am running into the same issue and I do have a paid ecommerce hosting :no_mouth:

Did you found a solution for this problem?

Hello Saul,
I have not used Webflow much in over a year so offhand I cannot recall the exact answer. I found the two pieces of information that support provided to assist with this issue and will share them with you. They feature an earlier working copy of the website.


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Hi Saul,
I logged into my account and checked the setup for my Ecommerce menus.
I created my menus using a “Collection List” . In the Elements menu make sure that in the collection list settings, “source” is set to “Categories” This way it sync with what is in your Categories. Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 7.02.37 PM

Then also you have to make sure that the collection list is set so that it will “get text name from categories” .

If you select a Link Block from your Categories List the elements menu should display the link settings. Under the page icon there is a menu which should have two options : “none or Current Category.” Select “Current Category”.

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 6.58.56 PM This way, all of the links in your menu will match the current category names featured in your menu.

Once you get the initial settings correct, the menu, header titles and links should all automatically match what is in your E-Commerce Categories.