Ecommerce Orders

Hi everyone,

Im new to webflow and recently switched from shopify but am really struggling with a huge lack of capability strictly on the ecommerce side of things. I love the website flexibility but am struggling with basic ecommerce needs. I reached out to support but have not received any help. Any ecommerce pros here?

  1. I ran a test order and:
  • did not receive an order confirmation email (notifications are ON in settings for Project Manager and Collaborators although I am the only email on the account)
  • the email that I received as the customer for an order confirmation is not optimized for mobile at all (see attached screenshot).
  1. I am unable to override skus with the import function to simply update item quantities.
  • heres what I did: I first exported all of my items, then from there uploaded it to google sheets and, in bulk, updated only quantities. Then I download as CSV and import back to webflow. However this did not work.
  • ive seen this training which shows when importing it will give an option to update matching items, but when I import it does not give the option and only offers creating new items (see screenshot). I keep track of all quantities with a google sheets file and ideally would like to upload to webflow daily to match quantities.

Any advise on where I am going wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Cultivating Corner

Hey @Ahmad_Hasan sorry that you’re running into some issues!

You might want to check out @whalesync for the SKUs issue. They have a good integration to Airtable and make it super easy to update a lot. They may solve your issue there.