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Product csv upload error

I’m trying to upload a CSV file of products for the eCommerce site but it gives me error after error. I’m not sure if it is the designer or if it is the template or what. I downloaded the template and used it exactly as it is and it still didn’t work. 5 times, 5 different ways, 5 failures…if it was not the price it was the slug or the Item code that I took out… This is frustrating.



Maybe this white paper i wrote can help you

Thank you Janne,
I will check this out soon. :slight_smile:


Does the site have to be live to upload CSV file?

No, you can upload before Going live

Thank you. i’m still working on it. May have to just go through it extra slow.

So going through this instruction link is the right way. The template that you can download is formatted wrong.

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