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Shopify to Webflow White Paper (Part2)

Webflow is so fast!! Second Webshop in one week developed and put live

(Part 2)

White Paper moving Shopify to a live Webflow site

Written by Janne Wassberg

I’m really surprised, it took me 2 – 3 days to convert from Shopify and put the new Webflow shop live!

As I said in Part 1 of the White Paper I was expecting problems with the menu in Webflow. After a while of thinking I added two menu systems to the site.

A regular navbar menu, not totally regular, It’s a CMS driven menu system that works very well on a big screen. As you all know the navbar is not so good on mobile devices and it’s hard for the user to easy navigate on the mobile.

I wanted the shop to be easy to use on mobile devices, the start page do have a menu system that is totally responsive and easy to use on a mobile (also CMS driven). The user do not have to access the standard hamburger menu.

The menu functionality is more or less the same as on the old Shopify site.

The rest of the conversion was only design. This site is for the moment not a cool site but it works and it was done very fast. Design and cool animations can be added later. I prefer to keep the shop very simple, it’s easier for the users that way.

This conversion was from Shopify to an existing Webflow site that already was using the CMS. The only new addition to the site was the eCommerce activation.

One thing taking a lot of my time is all translations to Swedish, not only the default eCommerce pages but also all error messages in eCommerce.

At the moment both of the sites is up and running (Shopify, will stop to work soon) (can be used) (Webflow)

Any comment are welocome

Janne Wassberg