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eCommerce Help and Clarification

Can someone please explain the Categories use case?
Is it possible to create multiple Products Collection?
I can’t test Add To Cart in designer, getting an error in browser…

Here’s what I am building to learn Webflow Ecommerce On the product detail page, there’s an Add To Cart widget that does not seem to be working. Below the page, there are suggested products with a link for More Info. How do I make this link display the suggested product?

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please add your Share ink to this feed so we can see what you are looking to do.

@ON2Interactive, first I see that your items are not in link blocks and therefore no where to go. Plus no buttons to add to cart too.


Thanks so much for the response… I figured it out :smiley: Loving Webflow eCommerce so far… You can see the demo update here working on fine-tuning now.

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