Placing a Collection page in a SUBdirectory

So we are making our site multilingual, we decided to place the entire structure in subdirectories,

And obviously, from a relational database perspective, we will make country-specific CMS that has a reference to the main English CMS.

English review CMS =>
To follow structure with everything else we will need to do the extension of subdirectories here…

But it seems impossible to make this, as when trying to manipulate the URL slug we cant manage the subdirectory, hence auto translates to

Please tell me I’m missing something and this is possible, else that’s one hell of a mishap…


Unfortunately Niclas, multiple segments in the path/slug of a collection page is not possible (yet).

Currently if you put a slash in a collection items slug field, it will just replace it with a “-”.

I’m unsure if this is on Webflow’s radar though, it may be worth checking the wishlist; I believe this idea is along the lines of what you’re after Ability to organize Collections in folders and | Webflow Wishlist

@Brando Sorry to disturb, but some clearance for this would be amazing, Is this intentional or a bug that can be fixxed durent the next sprint?
Also, will this be solved with Multi-language sites and CMS fields | Webflow Wishlist

No need to apologize here @Niclas_Walfridsson — I’m happy to help.

This is a feature limitation at this time. As @pi_ron mentioned, we don’t have multiple segments in the path of a collection page (yet).

For now, the best approach here would be to make a single static page for each of these reviews nested inside of your /fr, /de, and /se pages so that your URL structure would look like

I hope this helps :bowing_man:

Could you tell me an estimate when this will be possible? are we looking on 1-2 months or 1-2 years? We have over 700 reviews, so making static content for this will be quite overwhelming, also since I want to import some fields from the main English CMS.

Is this Multi-language sites and CMS fields | Webflow Wishlist going to fix the desired feature with having the multilingual CMS pages also lye under /fr /sv etcetc?

Best regards

HI @Niclas_Walfridsson,

I’ve had a bit of a think about this and perhaps this will be a suitable workaround for you:

  1. “Language” Collection with simple language code as the name
  2. Main collection “Reviews” where fields for reviews and also, a reference field to the “Language” collection.
  3. Setup static folders for each language.
  4. Setup static page within each folder, add a collection list of the “Reviews” collection.
  5. Filter the collection list by the referenced language code that corresponds to the page you’re on.

There is still some manual elements to this solution, but it would at least save you writing out 100’s of reviews in the Designer.

I could also show you how to import reviews via Zapier and auto-reference the language if that is of interest.

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This workaround sadly dosent solve the issues on the URL stucture, where we would like to keep it fluent throughout the website.

However, could you elaborate on the Zapier integration, is there a specific public app you are referencing integration with or just the webflow API through Zapier?

Ok, so I might have figured a way to make the design “semi-dynamic”, but I’m not sure if my approach would give more of a headache than it already is…
By dynamic I mean I would like 50% of the content to be gathered from the CMS.

I would like to ball this idea if you’re up for it? :slight_smile:

What if you make static pages for each review, ex.

On this page you add a collection, limit it to one item, add a condition to “Name == reviewNr1”.

Then you can reference the CMS on the content that should be dynamic, have static content elsewhere?

More or less wrapping all content within the collection list<

Why this would be easier is cause we have some properties in the CMS that are likely to change, such as values/pictures/ratings, and by doing some hacky static page with a wrapping cms collection referencing one item we implement the dynamic possibilities from the CMS and still have the possibility to control the URL structure.

What I’m asking, would you think this would open up for bugs or unwanted behaviors that I haven’t thought of?
A second opinion would be more than welcome!

Best regards!

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Hello there, wanted to check in 2 years later to ask if your solution worked or whether you’ve found a better option. :slight_smile:


I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say this is not the way to do it. As far as I know, there is no workaround…

I know of the Weglot platform to create multilingual versions of Webflow sites.

Apparently the process is extremely easy and their support is great. Might be worth a look!

Hope that helps!

This is a huge pain for multilingual websites with press releases in both languages, etc.

Looks like it’s still not possible yet…


I have the exact same problem with my project…
If you haven’t seen these yet, check the corresponding webflow-tickets & give them a vote:

is there a solution to this yet?

Still a limitation of the platform.

Yes, this is vitally needed. Considering that webflow is based in California, one would hope that being able to make spanish/english sites is something right in front of their doorstep. In a MySql I have simple tags “es” or “en” for each record (so 2 records), and that is it. - However implementing this in webflow requires a ton of work at the backend. Unfortunately. Would still be nice if we can get some info/forecast from the team.

Oh, so this is still not possible, bloody hell, if I had a dollar for every time i realised something was not possible in Webflow…

I didn’t know about this thread, so adding the wishlist item I created for this;

is there a solution to this yet for now?