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I’m setting up a multi language site using the new CMS. So far everything looks great and the CMS looks very promising. However, I can’t come up with a good work around (working within the CMS and without using the very expensive Localize.js) I have no problem duplicating the english “pages” (Even the blog posts), translating them into spanish, and then moving the Spanish site to into a separate folder mysite/es/ but, the template pages can’t be moved into the same folder(unless I’m thinking about this all wrong or missing something?). Does anyone have a good work around for a multi language site using the new CMS or is it just not possible without something like localize.js?

Should I just create a collection titled “es” for all spanish dynamic content and still have a folder in the pages panel titled “es” that will house all manually built pages? This seems like such a disjointed experience but if it will accomplish the same thing (merging the dynamic content and other pages under one folder) I’ll do it.

Couldn’t this all be solved by allowing the ability to move template pages into a different file structure like the rest of the pages?

Any help would be appreciated and any SEO best practice would be awesome!

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Hello @Marky_Coulstring,

It is exactly the way how I would do this. I think for now it is the only way to accomplish the goal that you have.

Well I finally got around to testing this and it doesn’t seem to be an option… If I create an “es” collection (in an attempt to merge the dynamic pages with the es folder created in the pages panel) it doesn’t allow the ability to reference the root of the collection without creating something in the collection (Thus, creating a directory structure es/collection-name/spanish-page…So can you think of any other work around or way to organize the dynamic pages in a way that I can merge all of the spanish language dynamic pages into the /es/ directory?

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