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Place collections pages inside a subfolder

Hi Peeps,

I’m currently in the process of manually translating my website by duplicating alle my static pages as well as my CMS collections.

  • I places all my translated static pages in a subfolder called “nl”
  • Now I want (the slug of) my translated collection pages also in this “nl” subfolder. For example:

There seems no way to create a url that simultaneously works with CMS collection pages as well as with a static page folder. It would be ideal to place collections pages inside a subfolder, right?

Any solutions?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Ruud van Bergen

Please could anyone give me some advice on this? :slight_smile:

Hey @RuudvanBergen , I do not think you can achieve what you are looking for. I feel like a Weglot integration might be your best bet?

I’ll have @eugene_weglot jump in, if possible.

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I’m not full convinced of weglot for SEO purposes and they also ask a shitload of money. No need for Eugene to jump in on this. I would like for @webdev Webflow to jump in and make it possible to place collections pages inside a subfolder just like you can do with static pages.

@RuudvanBergen , of course. I totally get that. I found a forum similar to what you are looking for and TLDR version is, this is a wishlist item but the admin response is basically pointing you towards Weglot and status is not important.

The workaround seems to be to switch it to static pages and use subfolders instead which will be a lot of work depending on your case, hence I suggested Weglot.

Thanks for your effort. Appreciate it. So disappointing of Webflow to set this status to not important. (the world is bigger then America) It makes me want to go back to Wordpress where you don’t have to pay a premium price for a product that lacks… :stuck_out_tongue: