SEO, url's, dynamic collections and multilingual sites

I know top domains, sub domains or folders is preferable when making a site for multiple languages. I’m thinking about some examples here on the forum using static folders but a problem as I see it is that the collection item can’t be under that folder. So the url structure is not consistent.

Is it maybe a good idea just to make a collection for each language instead? So if you have a collection named news for english, , you make another for your other language, And the same for any other collection that needs template pages. Little hard to maintain of course but the site owner gets good control over the SEO settings for each item.

Question for SEO experts, could this be a good solution? For the user you have a good set up where he knows where he is and can change language any time of course.


Man, I am facing the same issue with a client 8 diff languages set up all the correct subfolders then come to collections a crap the cannot be nested. We went www.domainname/fr-collectionname as we could not nest under global www.domainname/FR/page @PixelGeek @vincent @webflow Any ideas on how to fix this? Any plans to allow collections to be nested?


I fully agree. Nested collections are critical when handling a site with a breadth of content.

I added this request to the wishlist as well:


Hey Jörn did you ever get an answer to this? I’m also thinking to do it this way since there seems to be no other way for multilanguage… ,//


Multilanguage is in the backlog:

Weglot is an alterntive:

Collection folders are in backlog:

Thanks for the heads up. Multilanguage will take a few more years by my estimate & based on a comment provided by Brando in the WF Designer Facebook group. Thanks for linking the ‘collections folders’ wishlist item, I didn’t know about that particular one. Some other there that solve it as well, but this is the most specific and clear one. Even if Weglot would be worth it financially and wouldn’t limit me to 11 languages in total, I think it can only do subdomains, not subdirectories.

Anyway, tusen takk.

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Yeah, this is not an easy task, for existing sites or for Webflow to implement.