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Subfolders/categories for cms collections

I have been using the CMS option for a bit now and love it!

There is the forced use of the Slug for ex:

I am trying to make a site with singapore, malaysia and other countries.

For SEO, I am trying to benefit from having long tails such as

But for the CMS - I am forced to have it to the parent -

Does anyone know what I can do for this? The other option is include Singapore in every title so that it reads v/s

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Try creating a dynamic collection with a slug of “Singapore”, then all articles within it will have that as its parent folder. :smile:


@PixelGeek - That was exactly the way I was thinking, but then I would need other collections that work under it.

This is the challenge. I create the Singapore slug, then go ahead and add other collections as dynamic lists, but when people click on them I will lose the /singapore/ and it will default to the CMS slug, and I wont be able to SEO index them.

It would be fantastic is webflow fixed this and allowed collections to sit under other collections. I am sure its not the most complicated thing for you guys lol.

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How many different media types are you planning to have for each location? If it is just articles then @PixelGeek solution will work for you.

I have 3 media types - aka templates that I would like to use.

Persona (Family or Self) > Geo > Type

If I just create a slug for singapore - and place one big rich text there - I can customise any page - they will all look the same - I can only do manipulations at the Rich Text Level

So, Singapore will have Family and Self Sub pages - but sub paging the content is not possible.

Looks like webflow wont solve this problem for now. Hence I am still stuck at Squarespace and not migrating although I really want to.


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Necessary Feature for proper urls.

Should be
=> … .com/category/sub-category/collection-item
For Example

Currently (that links to following)

I love Webflow, though confusing & bad for SEO in this case. Hopefully webflow team can get this added soon.


Hopefully the Webflow team adds this to their numerous releases.