Nest collection url under folder subdirectory

So I have a multilingual website with collections for blog posts and jobs. All this works great for my main language, where all pages, folders and collections fall directly under

However, I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to managing collections in my other languages. For instance, I would like to create a new collection for my French job listings under, but Webflow only allows collection urls to be first level subdirectories. I could create something like, but that doesn’t strike me as good SEO. I’d really rather have all my French pages under

The way I see it, I’m left with the following option as my best workaround: use collections for my main language and use folders, subfolders and pages for the corresponding content in my other languages. I then have to make sure my French career page is visually identical to my English Careers collection template. I then duplicate that page to create new French jobs, instead of just adding items to a collection like I would in my English collection.

The main drawback is that I can’t use dynamic lists in my secondary languages. Other than that it’s not too bad.

Is this the best way to achieve what I want? Is nesting collections under lower-level subdirectories a feature that we might see in the future?

Btw, I am absolutely LOVING Webflow. Hands down one of the most amazing tools I’ve ever worked with.


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