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Paying with IDeal in webflow webshops

Hey everyone,

als we (dutch ecommerce designers), know: Webflow is completely worthless, unfortunately. Because we love it.

Selling an website in the Netherlands withoud an Ideal payment option is a joke. I have been waiting foir it, but webflow isnt picking this up. There are tons of complaints, wishlist votes and still nothing is happening, so it is time that we should help ourselves.

I am sure there is a way how we can achieve the iDeal payment option right now. Is it possible to have some kind of ecommerce plugin in your website so the payment is done in another place so iDeal can be used?

I went to find it out.

If you want to use iDeal on your webflow website, you actually have some options.

  1. (Hard) Exporting the code of your website, check the code and adjust it so it can ‘survive’ while hosting it yourself. this way, you could implement for example Mollie into your website. ( )
    Benefits vs disbenefits:
  • cost friendly.
  • conserve design.
  • Requires serious coding experience
  • Less user friendly for your client (adjusting little thing on the website and/or product categorys), exept if you program something for that aswell or use an paid service.
  • very prone to hacking.
  • Takes enormous amounts of time.
  1. (moderate but expensive) Using an app like Ecwid or other webflow-friendly platforms. There is a lot of them and it is dificult to orientate.
    Benefits vs disbenefits:
    +Client can always adjust, add and change their products.
    +Webflow service
  • Less flexible custom design payment and checkout pages.
  • Requires basic understanding of code.
  • Double costs (paying for webflow AND the service).
  • ugh ugh ugh i just feel so repulsed from this option.
  1. Export the code, load your clean designed body into wordpress. Use fields to embed the products into your site or just design certain animations, sections and other loose website elements and load them into wordpress.
    +Client can manage the shopping items
    +Less expensive than option 2
  • Wordpress
  • Takes time
  • Wordpress
  • ugh. might aswell just build it completely in wordpress.

I am not completely sure if those options might work. i am happy to hear your opinion about those ideas and i would like to look into it.

crying Webflow, i am really begging you, seriously. Just.Intergrate.Ideal. I wish i could say ill stop using webflow because of this, but unfortunately, there isnt a better option right now. but i am really reaching the point where i am willing to just accept the fact that this isn’t working.


@Marral_Kreijkes yes, unfortunately, (I don’t work on the inside so I can’t speak on WF’s behalf!) but from what I’ve heard, this isn’t going to happen soon. I’m in Belgium selling to Dutch speakers in both countries, people here want to use bancontact, people in NL always pay with ideal.
In France, people want to use X platform, in germany they use Y platform… Each platform on its own is too small to be worth the developers time to implement. Then there’s the issue of getting the payment processor’s permission to use a certain payment! I didn’t know this was a thing but I have heard this from people who develop shopping carts. A provider like Stripe has to agree to let you use a certain payment for your software.
The best option I’ve found (complies with VAT!) is PlugnPaid. It’s still limited, you can’t have buyers add several products to their cart for example, but it works and takes credit cards, UK debit cards (no maestro), bancontact, ideal, even cash payments, bitcoin and bank transfers.

I use sell wise to combine Webflow with iDeal. It works fine, but you have to put in the products (name, SKU and price) double. So that is less handy.

It completely makes sense what you say Sarah. But, if Webflow seriously wants to gain more users in Europe they should at least add a few more payment options. The entire e-commerce function is useless in Europe!


Does make a litle bit sense but webflow sells e-commerce software they should provide the payment options needed around the world. No excuses if some of them are too small. They wanted to compete in e-commerce then compete!

Untill then webflow e-commerce in europe completly useless :frowning:

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@Jessy-Smith and @argogiant I’ve honestly found very, very few checkout systems/shopping carts in general that tick all boxes needed to sell in Europe (correct VAT, display VAT correctly included in price for B/c clients and separate for B/B, payments methods, ability to use discounts…). Believe me, I’ve searched all the internet :smile:. There are one or two companies in the Netherlands but they are quite the challenge to implement. I can’t deal with putting together snippets for a functioning check-out cart when also running a business, that could just be me though :wink: .
All that to say that there’s still a lot of room for growth in the ecomm space in general when it comes to selling in Europe.

@sarahfrison Maybe these help you with the vat’s discounts and ideal payment options:

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Anyone with news on iDeal & Stripe?
In Stripe, iDeal is offered/named as an official payment-method.
Though i still don’t know anyone who has implemented this correctly/fully working…

@icexuick you still need a separate shopping cart to offer iDeal to customers. The ones shared above weren’t an option, at least last year when I reviewed them. I currently use PlugNpaid, it’s not perfect yet but they’re very responsive with any issues and are always releasing new features. And yes, they offer iDeal through Stripe.

No webflow is not gonna support ideal they dont really care about their customers outside of the US

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Maybe in 5 years the Netherlands accept more global/international payments… but for now the trend is the opposite. iDeal payments are still growing in numbers and marketshare… :frowning:

It’s a shame that Webflow doesn’t care about all requests to implement iDeal.
This makes Webflow useless for e-commerce in the Netherlands. How long will this take?

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It’s already been over 2 years and when i asked them how long it would take they told me they cant give a time line… honest reason why? WEBFLOW SUCKS used to love the tool but support and webflow becomes worse every day

I know, it’s frustrating. Webflow is pretty much useless for serious global ecommerce.

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See below announcement from Stripe, no more excuses for Webflow not to offer iDeal anymore :slight_smile:

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I agree, but they still have to implement it in Webflow. I’m waiting for Klarna in Sweden. We have the same situation

They will find an excuse or just complete radio silence from webflow

prob "we cant give a timeline for that "

Please let this be true

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Hola amigos!
I’ve sent WF a message regarding IDEAL and they told me to “vote” in the forum. If many of us ask/vote for it, they might implement IDEAL.
For me, based in the Netherlands WF is also useless, unless IDEAL will be an option.

Let’s hope you guys and let’s make some more noice! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the same thing they said to me. I guess our only option is to wait and hope they listen to their community.