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eCommerce - Stripe & IDeal


Today I was trying out the new eCommerce beta out and I simply couldn’t find anything about iDeal support (which Stripe does offer). Will it be strictly creditcard or might this become available in the near future?


@Chris-hello any news on this? I am currently moving a Dutch ecommerce site from Shopify to Webflow, and am not sure if the iDeal option goes live once the Ecommerce site is activated. Fingers crossed

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Hi Will, I very much doubt it will work with ideal. I suggest you wait or try to contact webflow directly. Not much answers on the form right now and it would be a shame if you finish a website only to find out it won’t work. If you must have a webshop in webflow i’d suggest ecwid. You can message me if you have a question about Ecwid!

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Any updates on this?

I just got really excited about using Webflow for a couple of our clients, but it would be useless without iDeal support. Last year iDeal made for 57% of all online payments here in the Netherlands. It’s just unworkable to have an online shop without it in this country. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Hi @Iskandar,
Not possible with iDeal at this moment. See this topic: Please Help: Shop not working

Please leave your vote on the Wishlist to get it on the Webflow roadmap:

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Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. Our seamless integration with Webflow allows you to manage your entire catalog of products with Webflow CMS and accept payments with iDeal as your preferred payment method.

More information can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if a phone/Skype call would be beneficial or I can put together a proof of concept even. Just let me know.


Little bump to ask if there are any updates here from @webdev or @cyberdave in regards to the iDeal integration? This sucker just upgraded to E-commerce plus to find out iDeal is not supported. #2020life

@Diu sorry to hear that! As far as I know, and I’m not behind-behind-the-scenes so this could be worked on atm, this isn’t something that’s super high on the roadmap. I came across the same issue recently with a site targeting a Dutch-speaking audience. I went with ‘plug-n-paid’ as a shopping cart. I’m not %100 recommending it yet since there’s still a few bugs and the features are a bit limited. That said, it was the best option for this particular site from what’s available atm. Foxy is great too but their cart doesn’t display VAT as Belgian laws require yet so I couldn’t use them.

Hi @sarahfrison, thanks for your thoughts! I’m in talks with Foxy at the moment, since I’ve used it a couple of years ago successfully. I’ll check plug-n-paid out to see what’s possible. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Diu you’re welcome! I do hope Foxy sorts out the vat stuff soon, that will open up way more options in the future.

Ps. checked PlugnPaid, it seems not suitable for my situation although the design is much better than Foxy. I don’t want to have a separate product catalog that exists without a Webflow-connection.

@Diu yes, that’s the current limitation there. It’s really only suitable for one-click add to cart products. The website I use it for sells workshops/workbooks and courses so each landing page sells one product only (with upsells in the thank you page), any other scenario wouldn’t quite work yet.

Any news on this? The entire eCommerce functionality is useless in The Netherlands and Belgium without iDeal payments. This takes far too long!


could really use this

@Jessy-Smith and @argogiant see my post above or this one Paying with IDeal in webflow webshops . We’re not a big deal compared to payments used by way more people. You’re going to have to use a separate system to accept ideal.

Lot of e-commerce tools provide most of the payment solutions used around the world.

If webflow wants a e-commerce tool and want to expand around the world they should support other payment options also the smaller ones.