Native iDeal support

Is there any news on the iDeal payment option soon? The entire e-commerce function is absolutely useless in The Netherlands. 85% of our payments are happening through iDeal here…


In Stripe, you can use IDeal.
So start an account on Stripe and chose IDeal. This is from the Stripe website.

  • Bancontact
  • giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Multibanco BETA
  • P24 BETA
  • SEPA Direct Debit

I know, but you can’t in Webflow.

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I do not understand this. Webflow uses Stripe and when you use Stripe then iDeal is on option.

Hans, Webflow maakt inderdaad gebruik van Stripe. Maar, je kan geen iDeal gebruiken als betaalmethode in de e-commerce functie van Webflow.


Hoi Jessy.
Oké, weer wat geleerd. Bedankt.

This is what stripe support told me 2 years ago

Jumping straight in here, you will need to reach out to Webflow to get confirmation if they support iDeal. For some context, when a third party build their own integration with Stripe, they control how everything looks, which payment methods they support and how it functions.

For your convenience, I have included their contact information below:

Dont forget to vote

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This is the answer i got today:
Thanks for reaching out! I’m more than happy to help!

Currently, Webflow does not support iDEAL payments via our Stripe integration.

There is currently a wishlist item opened for this here:

Our Wishlist is part of our Community-driven product roadmap, and we use the votes and feedback for each Wishlist item to determine what the community wants to see the most!

In the meantime, you could use another payment gateway through an external e-commerce system such as Foxycart or possibly Shopify, but we do not have any documentation for that. Foxycart supports IDEAL payments. More information can be found here:

An external e-commerce system can be added with a Basic or CMS site plan in Webflow and does not require an Ecommerce site plan or our Ecommerce features.

For implementing an external e-commerce system Webflow supports using Custom Code either in the Head/Body or via the Custom Code Embed widget. It is also possible to use Collection Fields in custom code embeds, making code embeds dynamic.

A really good source of info on using different third-party integrations is on the Webflow Integrations page.

Webflow does not provide direct help with third-party tools/integrations from our support desk, however, there is help for integrations on our code help pages in the community.**


They dont seem to care about the webflow users outside of the US

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One hundred percent. They’re not taking this serious at all. And by sending us to external ecommerce systems, they completely defeat the simplicity and ease of use Webflow takes pride in. It sucks, but it’s true.


Unfortunately, they rarely update the wishlist. I wish Webflow gave us an approximate, like a year or two years from now…

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Please see my reply to a similar post here as to why this probably isn’t happening soon. We might have lots of clients using ideal/bancontact but it’s a drop in a bucket compared to the rest of the world Paying with IDeal in webflow webshops

I just saw this interesting message:

Does this also mean for webflow that “only need to change one line of code” to add these payment options? I’m very curious if this will move this issue along…

Thanks to anyone who can say anything about this.


Hey guys,

Did any of you figure out a solution?

I’m facing the same issue.
I found this code doc on stripe:
Is it somehow possible to add this kind of code to Webflow? Has anyone tried?
I’m not good with code (that’s why I’m using Webflow haha) but would it be worth to hire a programmer to get this done? Or is there no chance that this could work?

Hey Tim,

I didn’t read your link in detail. But i’m pretty sure that using you own code for payment via the webflow ecommerce platform is not gonna work.
You can use custom code in webflow, but this is mostly te add things to the frond-end.
What you want here is really change the innerworkings of the webflow system.
So we really would have to wait untill they webflow implements this I think.

alternatives that you could look at to circumvent webflow ecommerce but still build and run you site on webflow is Snipcart or Foxycart. I have good experiences with both.

We’re here to help if you need anything at all:


Any news on the ideal support? We feel left out as Dutch webflow users.

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As of 2 weeks ago, Stripe Payment Links work with 20+ payment methods including iDEAL. You can just embed a vanilla Webflow button and add a link or, just hyperlink something like “Buy with iDEAL” and link to your Stripe Payment Link. If you need a bit of customization beyond what the Payment Link does by default, our app writes custom Stripe Checkout Code. Here is a YouTube video on Webflow with iDEAL and Bancontact using Stripe Payment Links and custom Stripe Checkout code