Concerned about the offered payment options in Webflow (IDEAL support)

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I’am new to Webflow and I am trying to find out if I should stick to Wordpress or go for Webflow. While doing research I’ve read some things about IDEAL as a paying option. IDEAL is the common payment method in the Netherlands. Missing this payment option will be a huge dealbreaker for my clients.

But on the Webflow website you promote STRIPE as your E-commerce partner. And STRIPE does support IDEAL as one of the payment options. So I’am kinda confused.

Is IDEAL supported or issn’t it? And if not, please make it clear for your customers that you don’t offer full STRIPE integration because in my opinion that would be a bit misleading. Don’t you agree?

By the way, is it that hard to implement IDEAL when you’ve already implemented all other payment options… ? Sounds like a checkbox you forgot to tick on :stuck_out_tongue:

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iDeal is not supported by Webflow. You can vote for it in the wishlist here:

You could use Shopify (Buy buttons) or as workaround.

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@smaac please read my post on ideal and other EU payment methods here Paying with IDeal in webflow webshops . Most shopping carts/payment systems that use Stripe don’t offer ideal/bancontact or even maestro cards.

Thanks for your reply’s. Kinda disappointed this is not supported by Webflow. @sarahfrison Do you have any experience with platforms like Sellwise or Plug&Paid? Do you think this is a proper solution for potential clients?

@smaac I use PlugnPaid myself. It’s becoming a much more solid product month-by-month. They release updates all the time. I have used it since December or so.

It’s not a full shopping cart software just yet. What I mean by that is you can add a button to a page on your website and that will allow people to buy a product (or a bundle of products). It doesn’t allow a person to come to your site and add a product to a cart just yet.

So if you’re selling, for example, art prints and you want people to come to your website, browse the art you’ve got for sale and add the prints they want to buy to their shopping cart and then pay for them, that’s not possible yet. If you’re selling a course, a download or a single product (or a predefined set of products), then PlugnPaid works.
Sellwise seems to work the same way. From what I can tell, they don’t have api/webhook/zapier integrations though. I also didn’t see anything about discounts/coupons or affiliates. I haven’t used Sellwise yet though.

Hi @smaac.
Josh with Foxy here. Our seamless integration with Webflow allows you to manage your entire catalog of products with Webflow CMS and accept payments with iDeal, as well as 100+ other payment methods.

More information can be found here: We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding for Webflow users. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can answer any questions or help you get started:


@foxy have you got your VAT sorted yet? That’s why I stopped including you when people ask about EU payments. To comply with Belgian law, VAT needs to be included in the price for b-c customers as well as displayed at check-out.

Hi @sarahfrison.
Thanks for checking in. We don’t have an update on this yet natively, but we have a workaround that has seemed to meet the needs of other users. Some logic that displays vat along side item price in the cart and then total vat can be displayed in subtotal/total area.


So let’s recap some things for people who want to build a fully “working” E-commerce website with Webflow.

  • Webflow recommends to use a workaround like
  • @foxy recommends to use a workaround for their VAT problem

In my opinion both company doesn’t take their European customers really seriously… Otherwise this should have been fixed already. Don’t think your American users would accept these kind of flaws in the tools they are paying a significant amount of money for.

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Hi @smaac.
Thank you for your feedback, but that’s just not true. We have lots of European users and take their needs seriously.

A better way to handle VAT in Foxy is in the works, but we’re a small team and it’s more complicated than just flipping a switch. Unfortunately, that means things can take longer than desired sometimes.

I know for a fact that Webflow cares about their European users too. Thank you for your grace and patience with both companies. :slight_smile:


Hope these things get fixed very soon :pray:

Maybe @sarahfrison or someone else knows of a simple external webshop solution where the website will be split in two sections.

For example you’ve got which has some buttons which are referring to an external section. Both websites are kinda stand-alone but have some buttons which link them to each other.

Do you think the work-around as described above feels like a more natural experience for the user or not?

@smaac if you want to go down that route, I’d suggest having a subdomain with the shop. Having and linking to that is a better user experience than having a separate website. Shopify should have options and they connect with Mollie as a processor which should allow you to use iDeal. Mollie has people go through a sign-up process where they vet your business before taking you on. They also only allow business bank accounts. I haven’t used them before since it feels too involved for my ecomm needs.
You could also look into the workaround that @foxy has.


HI Smaac,

I totally agree with you, pleas don’t use webflow for ecommerce, it’s a disaster, I know what I’m talking about. Most tools and important extentions for online and ecommerce marketing don’t work with webflow also the stripe integration for ecommerce does not provide you with all the possibilities stripe offers cause webflow can’t handle it. we had to work around and use so many 3rd party tools and ways to get our project up and running and still have to. At the moment webflows ecommerce is a compromise and not very satisfying, go with wordpress a lot less troubles, believe me. All the best, Christine

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Excited to see this announcement from Stripe, its time for Weblof team to add iDeal support :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait any longer for iDeal integration in Webflow, so I choose to use and support LightSpeed for my new customers.

Weblow is great for a surprisingly designed website, works very fast and user-friendly, but is relatively expensive in hosting for small customers and unfortunately falls short in ecommerce.

If you are reading on the website of Stripe and you would create an account then you can use ideal and some important Europe payment methods. Can’t you just create an account at stripe and use it on your Webflow website? I’m thinking about creating my website on Webflow because I can’t work with Wordpress but I need e-commerce. Webflow seems perfect for me but the only thing is the payment methods.

@daniellemerks no, you can use Stripe’s functionality on webflow and even combined with the CMS but not with webflow e-commerce.

So if i’m correct you can make just a normal website with webflow without e-commerce and then make an account at stripe and use it that way on your normal website from webflow? Because that would be a solution right?

Solved. You can now add iDEAL and Bancontact to a Stripe Payment Link on Webflow!

I just posted this video on YouTube - Webflow with iDEAL and Bancontact using Stripe Payment Links and custom Stripe Checkout code. Please subscribe and let me know if there is a specific video you want made!

As Mark Twain said, “ If I had more time, I would have made a shorter video .” lol

Paidmembersapp only works for subscriptions or single product payments right, @adam_paidmembersapp? It is not a viable workaround for a multi product shop with a working cart right?

As so many, I’m in desperate need of the ideal payments within the Webflow Ecommerce environment due to styling purposes. Doesn’t like the cart from Foxy, so not interesting in that.