Accepting iDEAL payments on Webflow


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it still seems to be impossible to accept iDEAL payments on Webflow sites, without adding a paid add-on (@foxy). Is there any ETA on this finally being arranged? It’s been years since we’ve been asking for this. Surely it can’t be that hard to implement, seeing how Stripe overall functions perfectly fine.

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@jan-hein - Webflow has not announced any additional payment gateways aside from what is in the docs. They don’t tend to announce new additions so unless they do, you are stuck with the current options. You can keep your eyes on the announcements page for news.

Remarkable. They’re pretty much (still) outcasting the entirety of Webflow-based e-commerce in The Netherlands, which is quite the chunk to leave out.

@jan-hein - Right, but there are other options like or other more capable platforms for e-com.

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Actually iDeal is not even a new payment gateway, it’s part of the Stripe infrastructure. Webflow just needs to enable it in their Stripe infra.

This is amongst top 15 popular wishlist items for years. It’s sometimes hard to understand how Webflow priotirize things.

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I asked a similar question some weeks ago. The Dutch WF community has been waiting for years on this ‘fix’, and it doesn’t look like this is going to be fixed anytime soon if ever. It’s pretty crazy to me, considering how big e-commerce in The Netherlands is, and how low-code options have gained traction over the past years.

Oh well :melting_face: