Bancontact payments with eCommerce

Is there anyway I can get Bancontact to work for payments through Webflow ecommerce?
I saw that the Netherlands also don’t have their iDeal available as an option.
Bancontact is the main payment method in Belgium. In 2019, approximately 1.6 billion transactions were made using Bancontact. It has a 82% market share compared to Visa and MasterCard. I can’t create webshops this way. Also doesn’t support it.

Any help perhaps?

No one? An alternative to perhaps?

Hi Franne Norman

Did you already find an answer to your question?

Kind regards

Unfortunately no. I’ll let it know here if I do.

Hi Franne Norman,

Did you find an answer to your question?

Unfortunately, still no. Let’s hope they look into this asap

Hi @Franne_Norman.
Josh with Foxy here. Are you needing iDeal specifically? Or Bancontact? Feel free to email us with details on your gateway needs and we’ll do our best to assist:

We’re sometimes open to doing new gateway integrations (for a one-time fee).


If you have a Stripe account you can simply embed a Stripe Payment Link (Stripe added support for alternative payment methods last week). That will make the iDEAL or Bancontact payment directly into your Stripe account. You can just add a link to any Webflow button. I made a video for how to do this on Wix this morning. Let me know if you want a video on how to do this on Webflow or send me a message via the chat link here and I can assist you:

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Thanks for the info Adam, didn’t know about the Stripe Payment Links. Seems like a nice small-scale solution if you embed each Stripe product link in the Webflow product cms. But in this scenario you don’t have a cart though, correct?

Hello @Franne_Norman

For a belgian client I had the same issue as you and I got tricked by Stripe and Paypal mentioning the possibility of using Bancontact but Webflow Ecommerce not supporting it (and support confirming that they don’t care).

Currently working on a workaround with Paypal Checkout custom integration and we can get all the informations needed to proceed to a Bancontact payment. Only challenge we’ve got left is to talk back to Webflow to create the order.

Would be happy to share knowledge with you if you want.

Anyway, I swear it was the first and last time I would provide a client with a native Webflow Ecommerce solution. Having incomplete integrations or working on extensions is one thing, closing everything to people who try to make their solution work and pay their ecommerce hosting is not fair.

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Totally correct. Stripe Checkout is not a cart, no. It is a one-off payment button. I imagine one day Stripe will add a cart system but Stripe Checkout is only for one item. You can hyperlink text though so you might have “Add to Cart” or underneath “Pay with Bancontact” for your users who want that specific payment method. It is best for if you have a simple Subscription business with a few plans and not a cart where you need to add many items. You can allow customers to adjust quantity with Stripe Payment Links now though for purchases of 1+ of the same item.

Here’s the video on Webflow with iDEAL and Bancontact using Stripe Payment Links and custom Stripe Checkout code

Oh using Paypal to get to the Bancontact payment, reading about it now in their developer documentation. Interesting approach, thanks for letting me know this could be a solution. Would you be so kind to let me know when you successfully finish your project? Good luck with it, you’ll probably need it.

Right back at yah, not using Webflow with a single client that asks for an ecommerce solution. Shame though.

I just don’t get it. The time it would take them to implement this relative to the extra webshop sites that European users would create… The return of investment would be enormous.

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