Multireference fields as meta tags

Wondering if there’s a way to use multireference fields as a meta tag, I realize that the native Webflow options don’t support this but if anyone had figured out a method using custom code.

Currently I have a collection of blog entries that is tagged with one or more authors and photographers, I would like the meta tags to include this information along with the title of the article and short description.

This was helpful to provide a little more granularity, but no option for multireference unfortunately.

I guess it may be time to look into controlling CMS collections via airtable/sheets and zapier to convert multireference fields to plaintext in a new cms field.

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Hi! Can you please share your read-only link?

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Welcome to the forum @Anders_Hanson1,

I have a few PowerImporter customers that are achieving this by using Airtable as their backend and using the ARRAYJOIN() formula to merge the multireferences values into a single string that can be included in their meta tags.