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Using multi-references to create tags

Hey everyone,

I’m want to create a job board and it would be great if I could add requirement tags to the job’s card like in the image below:


I’m trying to achieve this by creating a CMS Collection (Tags) containing only a plain text and linking it to my main CMS Collection (Jobs). I would then enter each tag manually as a CMS element into Tags.

But when I add a text block and try to link to my CMS List linked to Jobs, I there is not multi-reference to select. What am I missing out?

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @Luciano-Infanti

Can you share your read-only link so we can see the settings/setup and better advise you :slightly_smiling_face:

Done! Sorry for my lack of attention.

Hi @Luciano-Infanti

No problem, thanks for updating :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a limitation at the moment with binding tags via multi-reference on ‘static’ pages, this post goes into it in more detail with a video from @cyberdave

If you need to use a static page, a current workaround (depending on how many tags you will ultimately need) is to use switches:

  • So, add a switch field for each tag in the ‘Jobs’ collection, Invision, Webflow etc
  • Then manually add/style a text block for each ‘tag’ within the collection item/list on page
  • Then use conditional visibility on each tag to only show ‘when x switch is on’

Hope that makes sense!

There is a wishlist item for nested collections, be sure to add your thoughts/votes there too:

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Hey @StuM, thanks for your help!

I don’t think this is something doable since I would probably need like 50+ tags. Maybe I could display only very important tags or something like that. I’ll work on that. As Hawking once said: intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

I voted and I’m pretty sure Webflow’s team will work on that soon, they are great :smile:

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Hi @Luciano-Infanti

Kyle, one of Webflow’s product managers has posted a response to a similar thread here, gives more context on the complexities:


Bro its been two years now… what the heck are you doind with Nested and Tags List ?

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Not sure if anyones interested in a hack for this or something similar/better as already been mentioned?

I’ve been having the same issues here for a client not for jobs listings but subject listings, I found a way around it, it’s not perfect, but it works if you don’t need a crazy amount of tags per item. For this example I’m using jobs listing.

  1. Create a collection of all your job ‘requirement tags’, you can add whatever fields you want to these bu make sure you have a minimum of a ‘Name’ field for the requirement name.

2a. Create a collection for your job posts.
2b. Add all the fields you need in jobs collection and then add some single reference fields. I added 3 in this case, but you can add more. When you add these make sure you hit the collections drop down under the field and select the ‘Requirements’ collection list for each,
2c. I labelled these sequentially, i.e. Requirement 1, Requirement 2, Requirement 3, etc…
2d. save the collection settings and start adding the jobs.
2e. when you create a job post you can now select the ‘requirements X’ fields and select from the dropdown list of your requirements tags. You can leave any of these empty if needed as they won’t be visible later on.

3a. Create a Jobs listings page, add collection list linking up to your jobs collection and then add all the elements you need.
3b. Add a button element to your collection list item and in the link settings select the bottom item to ‘get text from project’ click on the dropdown and scroll to ‘Requirement 1’ and select the name or whatever you called the Requirement title.
3c. Duplicate this button element as many times as you created requirement fields in your jobs collections, in my case 3. For each button element click on the link settings and adjust which requirement field you are linking to, i.e. Requirement 1, Requirement 2, Requirement 3, etc…

  1. style your buttons.

  2. test

Doing it this way I’ve found that buttons only appear for the ‘requirement’ fields set with a requirement, otherwise it’s not visible which means you don’t have to add the extra conditions querying whether a requirement field is set or not.

As i said, is not perfect, and maybe someone has a better solution, but try it out, and if you find any bugs let me know…

Oh and webflow, please allow us to use multi-references in non template pages within collection lists. thanks

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