Webflow connect multiple tags per CMS field

Hi everyone, I’m creating a type of marketplace & I was wondering if there’s any way to tag individual image fields with another collection (multi-reference)?

The thinking behind it is, I’d like to be able to create a CMS item of an event, and drop many images of that event. Then, be able to connect those images to the other collection by what type of moment it was, fireworks, foodcourt, partying, etc.

This would have to be done inside the item itself as I’d ideally like to upload many items, with many images & again connect them to those tags. This is confusing, so I’ve tried to make a diagram to better explain it. Please let me know if you have any solutions (including ones that use airtable/zapier). Thank you in advance. (no read-only link)


Since you can’t tag images, I suggest you create a collection called Image, that has a single image. Then Event and Tags can reference the Image. This will allow you to show all images for a tag, and show all images for an event.

It might be easier to manage all these references in Airtable, and use PowerImporter for automatically syncing your tables to Webflow.

Hey Marc, thanks for the reply! This seems like a doable option. I haven’t used airtable in this way before, would you know of a good tutorial that outlines how to go about this?


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